One Hyde Park


In 2014 One Hyde Park was highly commended by the judges at the ANC Acoustic Awards due to the complex acoustic challenges faced and the sound insulation solutions provided in this extremely high profile project.

One Hde Park

The challenge

This most prestigious London development demanded performance levels that not only met, but exceeded the criteria demanded by Building Regulations ‘Approved Document E’. The project required that the final choice in material solution had to be as thin as possible for both practical and ascetic reasons. Independent UKAS accredited laboratory data was required before the product could be finally approved.

Our solution

SIDERISE FIP high performance acoustic panel was offered, which comprises of four primary layers in composite form, offering a combination of stiffness and
damping within a high mass panel with a nominal thickness of only 31mm.

The SIDERISE FIP high performance acoustic panel was tested at Sound Research Laboratories in April 2011 and the test results far exceeded expectations for a thin, single homogenous panel, normally limited to 30-35dB, it achieved 46dB Rw proving that the FIP panel was in a class of its own.

This simple effective solution is now being considered for use in a large number of projects, for office and residential fit-outs in both the UK and overseas.

Third Octave data is available on request.

"We set out to achieve a performance greater than 40dB Rw, a challenge for such a thin, single panel which would normally be limited to around 30-35dB. The result of 46dB Rw for the SIDERISE FIP High Performance Acoustic Panel doesn’t quite defy the laws of physics, but it’s a very impressive outcome, and a very useful product." - Ed Clarke Clarke Saunders Associates, Noise Consultants

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