Siderise MI Mullion and Transom Acoustic Inserts

Acoustic insulation for reducing vertical and horizontal sound transmission in hollow framed glazed curtain wall façades 

Specially engineered for curtain walls

MI Mullion and Transom Acoustic Inserts comprise a range of 'along frame' and ‘through-frame’ acoustic treatments designed to reduce horizontal and vertical flanking sound transmission between adjacent internal spaces via hollow transom and mullion channels in stick-built curtain wall systems. They improve the performance of glazed areas, and are ideal for change of occupancy and office refits as they maintain the interior aesthetic.

Specific optimised solutions have been developed for each of the common conditions encountered in these façade types. Our manufacturing techniques enable an accurate tailored fit within a particular hollow frame element. The design of the appropriate insert not only considers acoustic perfromance, but also practicality and ease of installation.

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