Regulation and compliance

Compliance with the varying acoustic, thermal & flammability requirements of the many sectors we serve is crucial for providing comfortable environments, as well as protecting life, property and assets

Regulations and codes

Across our many varied sectors regulations exist to protect people’s health, welfare and saftey. Varying depending on region or jurisdiction, these can stipulate requirements for the acoustic and thermal environment of occupied spaces, the flammability of materials and the quality of both materials and installation. Our global team of technical experts can help you understand the requirements applicable to your project.

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Compliance with regulations specific to the different product markets and applications is fundamental to successful projects. To help project teams to meet local requirements we go beyond, testing our products to the most rigorous international standards. Always aiming to surpass minimum requirements and getting tests third-party certified wherever possible for clear assurances that our products will perform as expected.

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Innovation can’t happen in isolation. We believe the highest levels of acoustic and thermal comfort and fire safety can only be achieved if the industry works together. In addition to conducting our own testing, we have long been working with suppliers, other manufacturers, designers and testing houses all over the world to find optimised ways to approach acoustic and thermal comfort and fire safety.

We collaborated with BSI (British Standards Institution) to help develop the BSi Identify scheme.

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Our solutions have been designed and engineered to fulfil specific criteria

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CVB Acoustic Void Barrier
FIP High Performance Acoustic Panel
RF Cavity Barrier and Firestop for Raised Access Floors
WRX Window Reveal Liner
WPM Acoustic Wall Lining System
CLS Acoustic Lining System
NCB Noise Control Barrier
CBX Flexible Acoustic Barrier
BM Acoustic Barrier Mat
CW-AB Acoustic Barrier
Thermal Acoustic Insulation for Specialist Vehicles
CVB/C10 Acoustic Cavity Barrier
AVC Acoustic Void Closures for Tops of Walls
FLX Flexible Acoustic Barrier
Portable Power Generation
Thermal Acoustic Insulation for Public Vehicles
Thermal Acoustic Insulation for Commercial Vehicles
Insulation Processing
MAC Marine Acoustic Composite
Seals and Gaskets
MI Mullion and Transom Acoustic Inserts
Thermal and Acoustic Insulation for HVAC
Thermal acoustic insulation for rail
MC Mullion Cover
NRB Noise Reduction Barrier for Mobile Fencing
DWX Ducting Acoustic Barrier
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