Regulation and compliance

Satisfying the fire safety requirements of building codes and regulations is crucial for protecting life, property, assets and the environment

Codes and regulations

Building legislation exists to ensure buildings are constructed in way that protect people’s safety, health and welfare. Varying depending on region or jurisdiction, these can stipulate requirements for how a building should be protected from the spread of fire, how it manages internal and external sound, and the quality of both materials and installation. Our global team of technical experts can help you understand the requirements applicable to your project. 

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Compliance with both building regulations and construction product regulations is fundamental to successful projects. To help project teams to meet local requirements we go beyond, testing our products to the most rigorous international standards. Always aiming to surpass minimum requirements and getting tests third-party certified wherever possible for clear assurances that our products will perform as expected.

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Innovation can’t happen in isolation. We believe the highest levels of building safety can only be achieved if the industry works together. In addition to conducting our own testing, we have long been working with other manufacturers, contractors and testing houses all over the world to find new and verified ways to approach passive fire protection. This includes participating in large-scale system tests and sharing our knowledge and experience with industry and national working groups.

We collaborated with BSI (British Standards Institution) to help develop the BSi Identify scheme.

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Products and systems

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CW-FS Firestop & CW-CB Cavity Barrier
CW-FB Fireboard
NXS Fusion
RH Horizontal Cavity Barrier
RV Vertical Cavity Barrier
CH Horizontal Cavity Barrier
OSCI Open State Cassette Insert
BB-FB Balcony Bracket Fireboard
EW Closed State Cavity Barrier and Firestop
EWI Open State Cavity Barrier and Firestop
CT Cavity Tray
LGS Linear Gap Seal
RF Cavity Barrier and Firestop for Raised Access Floors
TW Cavity Barrier and Firestop for Tops of Walls
TW-P Firestop for Profiled Decks
NXR Nexus Core


Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

Can Siderise help me to find the right solutions to ensure compliance on my project?

Our technical team can support with product specifications and understanding test data, helping you to meet any requirements.  

What if my project requires a unique solution?

With partnerships with various manufacturers and testing houses, we can arrange bespoke testing to suit the specific requirements of a project.  

Can Siderise check my project’s installation to ensure compliance?

Our in-person or app-based inspection service can help to ensure our products are installed in line with our recommendations.  

Does Siderise have its own testing facility?

Our Global Innovation Centre at our headquarters in Maesteg, Wales features a specialist fire test furnace that allows us to test products to any published fire test curve.

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