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Passive fire protection and cavity trays for masonry 

Brick, stone, and concrete have been used for centuries thanks to their robust characteristics and timeless aesthetic. However, as the demands on our built environment have changed, so have the ways we approach masonry construction, how it manages moisture and how that can impact on fire safety. 

Our solutions protect all kinds of masonry building approaches — from traditional brick and block to steel framed constructions — without compromising on design flexibility or installation efficiency. 

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Our solutions have been specifically engineered and tested to meet the demands of masonry façade systems

BB-FB Balcony Bracket Fireboard
EWI Open State Cavity Barrier and Firestop
EW Closed State Cavity Barrier and Firestop
CT Cavity Tray
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Curtain walls and firestops
Making Noise (Part 1)
Coming soon: Curtain walls and acoustics (Part 2)
Coming soon: Dry-fix smoke seal systems
Coming soon: Protecting the spandrel
Coming soon: UK masonry construction – fire and thermal
Coming soon: ASTM E2307 vs EN 1364-4
Coming soon: Brickslip systems and compartmentation
Coming soon: Cavities, roofs and passive fire protection
Coming soon: Passive fire protection in modular construction
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Did you know we have a number of acoustic solutions for curtain wall systems?

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