Include our data-rich product BIM objects in your project model


BIM is an invaluable digital element that can contribute to the Golden Thread of Information within the construction industry. Siderise 18 BIM objects through NBS Source have been authored to meet the requirements of the NBS BIM Object Standard.

We are proud to provide accessible, free to download product BIM objects on two popular partner specification platforms, NBS and bimstore.

NBS Source or bimstore

Please select your chosen platform, both are free to use

Download the Siderise product BIM content through bimstore

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Download the Siderise product BIM content through NBS Source

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bimstore provides free, high-quality manufacturer BIM content ready for specification.
Find our BIM objects on bimstore and download for free. Siderise BIM objects include passive fire protection products for all typical external wall applications including masonry, curtain walling and rainscreen facades. Review the Siderise ‘All Categories’ section to select the application relevant to your project, leading you to the Siderise products of choice. 

NBS Source

Siderise are partners with NBS, which means you can find our BIM objects on NBS Source and download them for free. NBS Source sets out an industry standard for quality, efficient generic and manufacturers’ objects. The NBS BIM Object Standard (BOS) establishes every object with a core property set that adopts a consistent approach to classification, standard naming convention and standardises approaches to the level of information. Siderise BIM objects have been authored to meet the requirements of the NBS BIM Object Standard (BOS).

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