Robust solutions for meeting the demands of glazed façade systems

Passive fire protection for curtain walls

Curtain walling combines an ultra-modern aesthetic with excellent weatherproofing for mid to high-rise buildings, protecting occupants from the external elements whilst offering them with floor-to-floor natural daylight. For long-term fire safety, it is important that these glazed façade systems include compartmentation solutions that not only provide reliable fire resistance but are designed and tested with building movement and façade deflection in mind.

Our comprehensively tested range of passive fire protection products and systems for curtain wall façades are specifically engineered to deliver the fire resistance performance needed for what are typically non-fire rated ‘window framed’ building envelopes.

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Our solutions have been specifically engineered and tested to meet the demands of curtain wall façades

CW-FS Firestop & CW-CB Cavity Barrier
NXS Fusion
CW-FB Fireboard
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