Technical support

Our highly trained and experienced technical support team are ready to help support professionals in all our markets at every stage of your project


Why collaborate with our technical services?
Siderise have over 50 years of experience in complex and specialist areas, that’s why we’re here help.


We can help develop solutions that will comply with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape


Our advice is always data-led and backed by our own in-house research and testing facility


Our team can help you find the right combinations of products to holistically protect your project


Robust design data via NBS and BIM objects can help ensure clear and accurate information is passed throughout the construction process

Tailored support 

Every project presents a unique set of requirements. Working collaboratively with project teams, we seek to gain a clear understanding of the specific intricacies of your project to develop an approach which can solve problems, optimise performance, achieve regulatory compliance, and allow you to create acoustically and thermally comfortable and safe spaces without compromise.

Your trusted project partner

With a thorough understanding of global regulations and an enormous amount of test data at their fingertips, our technical support team can provide a wealth of free, detailed advice and assistance — acting as a true project partner. From guidance on product selection and code compliance to developing bespoke solutions, our team has the knowledge and tools you need to go beyond the basic requirements to ensure the highest levels are achieved.

By your side to help you go beyond

Our technical support team are highly trained and can support with a wide range of technical matters. These include: 

  • Regulation and code compliance guidance 
  • Standard and bespoke details and drawings 
  • Technical evaluations of construction methodologies, materials, and design specifications
  • Feasibility assessments 
  • Method statements for health and safety risks 
  • Mock-up constructions and product samples 
  • Specification support
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