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Mullion/Transom inserts


Siderise mullion/transom acoustic inserts are market leading acoustic solutions designed to reduce vertical and horizontal sound transmission in curtain wall buildings.

One St Peter's Square

The Siderise V baffle - MI5 is used at floor level to all mullions central to the room, providing acoustic treatment for vertical sound transmission.
The Siderise HB insert - MI6 is used to fill full height at sides of room where partitions abut, to provide acoustic treatment for both horizontal and vertical sound transmission.

Siderise has supplied both MI5 and MI6 to construction projects throughout the UK including:

  • One St Peters Square, Manchester
  • Silverstone UTC, Silverstone
  • Shepherds Bush Pavilion, London
  • De Montford University, Leicester
  • The Gateway Conference Centre, Aylesbury
  • Twickenham Academy 6th Form, Twickenham

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