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Siderise RF – Cavity Barriers and Fire Stops for Raised Access Floors – Services

Technical Services

Technical Support

Siderise provides the following technical support services:

  • Project specific or application specific technical support at initial tender or full detailed design stage.
  • Attend site meetings in a consultative capacity for either fire-stopping, acoustic design and/or thermal performance support.
  • Consult with Building Control Officers, Architects, Main Contractors or Noise Consultants to provide support at any stage of the project.
  • Project-specific design review, advice and details.
  • Technical project proposals, project details and method statements.
  • Assist with mark-up of project drawings to highlight typical locations of fire stops at visible lines of compartmentation and/or standard cavity barrier locations – with reference to standard details, building regulations and/or other code requirements.
  • Provide ‘Composite SRI’ calculations and practical design advice to ensure optimum ‘floor to floor’/ ‘room to room’ sound attenuation performance.
  • Train your staff or sub-contractors as competent installers.
  • Introduce formally accredited, third party approved installers/contractors.
  • Available for co-ordinated site visits with BCO or other stakeholders to inspect installations, putting the Client or Main Contractor at ease.
  • Produce formal letters, confirming the details of site inspections and findings.

Project Specific Details

In addition to our range of standard details (please see resources) the Siderise technical team can support the development of bespoke details to suit individual project requirements.

Product Tests and Approvals

We believe that product testing is critical to ensure that products perform exactly as intended – that is why we are committed to test our products as often as possible.

We have extensive experience in multiple 'small scale' BS 476-20 and EN 1366-4 product tests. 

We are always pleased to partner with our key customers to develop project specific solutions validated through project specific testing.

Training and CPD

Siderise is passionate about training and education and offers both remote and onsite product CPDs.

Available Product CPDs:

  • Cavity Barriers for ventilated cladding
  • Perimeter barriers and fire stops for curtain walling
  • Cavity barriers and fire stops for brickwork facades

Installation training and advice – please see Site Services below for more information.

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Site Services

Toolbox Training

Siderise can provide installation training both remotely and onsite, tailored for both product installers and site managers.

The training covers all aspects of product installation including H&S, storage, handling and cutting.

This method of training has proven to be an effective and valued process – resulting in the consistently high quality of installations carried out by the many contractors that we have worked with.

Site Inspection

Siderise can offer our customers a site inspection service where one of our site services team will carry out inspections on our installed products.

For key accounts an enhanced service can be provided (by agreement) which can include:

  • Installation training
  • Inspection app training
  • Benchmark installation
  • Installation inspection
  • Completed inspection report

Inspections App

Siderise have developed a simple-to-use inspection application to enable the efficient recording and assessment of the installation of our products – and
the issue of the recorded information into a clear and concise report.

The App provides a simple, easy-to-use process for recording the progress and quality of the installation of all of our standard firestop, cavity barrier and acoustic barrier systems. It allows the user to effectively inspect, record and seamlessly audit the quality of the installation work. Importantly, this process highlights any issues in need of a resolution.

Once in the field, the installer can use the App on a standard smartphone or tablet device to capture the relevant information for the installation.

Inspections App

Project Mock-ups

Our site services team can demonstrate benchmark installations either remotely or onsite, to demonstrate optimum methods for both product performance and installation efficiency.

In a world where building designs are becoming increasingly unique, we understand that sometimes details can become complex. In these cases, a project specific mock-up can be provided to demonstrate how complex details can be resolved.

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Where do I access Test certifications?

Siderise are strong advocates of large-scale system testing and have participated in a significant number of such tests (including BS 8414, NFPA 285). This has provided considerable data which is invaluable in determining the performance of our cavity barriers.

Please see the systems test page for further information.

As the market leader in passive fire protection products, Siderise are also able to offer a wide range of Third Party Certified products.

These Third Party Certificates provide details of product testing and performance.

Siderise CW range - Perimeter barriers and fire stops for curtain walling 
Siderise RH - Cavity barriers for Ventilated Cladding/Rainscreen - Horizontal
Siderise RV - Cavity barriers for Ventilated Cladding/Rainscreen - Vertical
Siderise EW - Cavity barriers & fire stops for masonry external walls
Siderise LGS - Linear Gap Seal
Siderise RF - Cavity barriers and firestops for raised access floors 

Test Certificates for the RH and RV range are available from the product page.

What are National Classes (BS) and European Classes (EN) for reaction to fire and fire resistance?

Reaction to fire

National Class: Historically products were tested to BS 476-6 and 7 and then classified as Class 0, Class 1 etc. dependant on their performance.

Reaction to fire national classes have now been removed from Approved Document B for England & Wales (2019 edition).

European Class: Products should now be classified to European Class A1, A2 etc. under EN 13501-1.

Resistance to fire

National Class: BS 476-20 is a furnace test to prove fire resistance performance in terms of integrity (E) and insulation (I) in minutes.

For example, a product may achieve 120 minutes integrity and 90 minutes insulation.

European Class: Products should be tested to the relevant EN standard such as EN 1364-4 or EN 1366-4. The fire resistance in terms of integrity and insulation is then classified to EN 13501-2.

For example, a product may achieve 120 minutes integrity (E 120) and 90 minutes insulation (I 90), this would receive a classification of EI 90.

Approved Document B for England & Wales (2019 edition) now lists classification to EN 13501-2 as the primary route to compliance. BS 476-20 is listed as an alternate route to compliance.

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