SIDERISE RF – Cavity Barriers and Fire Stops for Raised Access Floors

SIDERISE RF – cavity barrier and fire stop systems are the market leading compartmentation solutions for use in raised access floors. 

  • Easy to install
  • Fire resistance to EN 1366-4
  • Fully qualified acoustic performance
  • Suitable for use in void heights up to 600mm
  • Suitable for use in air plenum applications
  • Integral smoke barrier


Siderise RF cavity barrier and fire stop systems prevent the spread of fire and smoke, and reduce sound transmission, by sealing the voids between raised access floors and floor slabs. 

The range includes options to either subdivide large uninterrupted cavities or to provide continuity of fire resistance when aligned underneath partitions. Across the range, these simple to install systems have been tested for fire performance, acoustic performance and for use as a plenum liner.

They have been designed as a one-piece system and afford easy cutting and installation.

Additionally, due to a unique method of manufacture, the products also offer unique vertical compression to allow tightness of fit.

Note: This product was previously known as Lamatherm RF raised access floor firestop.