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Siderise FIP – High Performance Acoustic Panel

Siderise FIP high-performance acoustic panel is a thin multi-layered board offering exceptional sound transmission performance and has been specifically developed to provide a solution where an internal partition abuts a curtain wall or window mullion.

"We set out to achieve a performance greater than 40dB Rw, a challenge for such a thin, single panel which would normally be limited to around 30-35dB. The result of 46dB Rw for the Siderise FIP High-Performance Acoustic Panel doesn’t quite defy the laws of physics, but its a very impressive outcome, and a very useful product."

Ed Clarke, Clarke Saunders Associates, Noise Consultants

  • Tested at 46dB Rw – at only 31mm
  • Maintains high ‘room-to-room’ separation
  • Improved reduction of noise pollution in adjoining areas
  • Very thin construction maintains ‘clean lines’ and minimises obscuration of glazed areas
  • Simple to detail and easy to install
  • Up to 1 hour fire stop


Due to the impressive 46dB Rw performance at only 31mm thickness, the Siderise FIP high-performance acoustic panel can also be used in many other conditions that demand the combination of a high SRI performance with a minimal thickness.

This simple yet effective solution has been used on a number of projects which include hotels, residential, government, and commercial buildings in both the UK and overseas.

Note: This product was previously known as Lamaphon FIP panel.


For Technical Support with this Siderise Special Products solution please contact:

T:+44 (0) 1473 921551