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Siderise have over 40 years of experience in the HVAC sector providing noise control treatments to manufacturers and acoustic solutions for building services, across the UK and Europe.

Most buildings will have an ‘in-room’ NR level requirement based on function. To ensure these levels are achieved a given Sound Power Level (LwA) for the unit is required. Siderise can help you deliver the performance you require:

  • We offer onsite advice and testing
  • We collaborate with your in-house design and engineering departments

  • Collectively we engineer a noise control treatment package that meets your criteria in not only acoustics but also air flow, ease of installation and importantly, cost.

We have worked with clients to deliver in-room noise levels as low as NR25, and we are able to shape the resultant sound spectrum for specialist projects by use of customised lining kits and attenuators.

Please talk to our HVAC technical team for further information.