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Siderise CW-FB | Curtain Wall Fire Board – Technical Data

Version: 1.23 - Release Date: August 2023


Siderise CW-FB curtain wall fireboard forms part of a perimeter barrier firestop and spandrel zone protection system for use with non-fire rated aluminium curtain wall facades. 

CW-FB and CW-FS (perimeter barrier and fire stop systems), have been jointly tested in conjunction with non-fire rated aluminium curtain wall assemblies to provide market-leading fire resistance performance for the critical spandrel zone.

Siderise CW-FB Curtain Wall Fireboard is a high-density stonewool board specifically engineered to provide high levels of structural fire protection. Siderise CW-FS Perimeter Barrier comprises a one-piece product with a pre-compressed non-combustible stonewool core and integral aluminium foil facings. In combination, the products can be used in curtain wall façade assemblies requiring enhanced fire resistance performance.

The product combination provides the following advantages:

  • Protection of mullions and transoms
  • Maximises the stability and integrity of framing elements and spandrel construction
  • Approved design that extends the rating of the compartment floor to the exterior wall
  • Fully tested to EN 1364-4:2014 and certified up to EI 180
  • Market-leading performance

CW-FB has been tested in both single and double-layer arrangements as part of EN 1364-4 testing.

Product Description

Siderise CW-FB curtain wall fireboard is a high-density stonewool board specifically engineered to provide high levels of structural fire protection. It has been developed to provide a simple and easy to install method of providing fire protection for non-fire-rated aluminium curtain wall facades.

Based on the experience gained through being the premier supplier to the UK and UAE curtain walling markets, the products represent an unrivalled combination of fully qualified performance, and practical installation and service benefits.

The standard sheet size is 2000mm x 1180mm and may be of benefit when the actual void size is not known or where it varies significantly. It may be provided in pre-cut widths when the void size is known.

Fire Performance

Siderise CW-FS and CW-FB have been tested to EN 1364-4:2014 and are third-party approved via Certifire CF563 and Intertek WHI19-32944301.

Thermal Performance

λ= 0.042 W/m.K

Technical Specification

Siderise CW-FB curtain wall fireboard

Table 1 : Technical Specification

Form Supplied Sheets: 2000mm x 1180mm
Sheets: 2000mm x 1200mm (ME) 
Thickness 25mm 
Colour Silver, with coloured identification tape centrally located on the product 
Finish Aluminium foil to one side 
Density Nominal 160kg/m3 
Thermal Conductivity λ = 0.042 W/m.K 
Durability Odourless, rot proof, non-hygroscopic, do not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould, or bacteria. 
Moisture Resistance Non-wicking when tested to BS 2972:1989: Section 12. When exposed to 90% humidity and 20°C, absorbs <0.004% of moisture 
Reaction to Fire Class ‘A1’ 
Resistance to Fire Specific to project design. 
 When used in conjunction with CW-FS120 Perimeter Barrier, EI 120. 
 When used in conjunction with CW-FS180 Perimeter Barrier, EI 180. 
 3rd party approvals:
Certifire – CF 563
Intertek - WHI19-32944301 


Siderise CW-FB curtain wall fireboard systems are environmentally friendly.

  • They contain no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and no very Volatile Organic Compounds (vVOCs).
  • Zero Ozone Depleting Potential
  • Zero Global Warming Potential
  • Recyclable

Additional Information

The following information is available upon request or via download from the website:

  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Standard Details
  • Installation instructions
  • NBS Specification Clause 

NOTE: * The insulation performance of the panel should only be assumed to be satisfied on the unexposed surface of the seal. Due to the highly conductive nature of metallic facings, it cannot be assumed that the surface temperature of these facings will also satisfy the insulation performance criteria. Evidence of the panel's ability to satisfy the insulation criteria in this specific application should be sought from the panel manufacturer if an insulation performance is required from the panel construction.

Please contact the Siderise Technical team for further information and advice regarding Infill Panel specifications.

Technical Support

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The information in this datasheet is believed to be accurate at the date of publication. Siderise has a policy of continuous product improvement and reserves the right to alter or amend the specifications of products without prior notice. Siderise does not accept responsibility for the consequences of using the products described outside of the recommendations within this datasheet. Expert advice should be sought where there is any doubt about the correct specification or installation of Siderise products.

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