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Siderise CW-FB | Curtain Wall Fire Board

Siderise CW-FB Curtain Wall Fireboard is a high density stonewool board specifically engineered to provide high levels of structural fire protection.

  • Protects mullions and transoms
  • Maximises the stability and integrity of framing elements and spandrel construction
  • Approved design that extends the rating of the compartment floor to the exterior wall
  • Fully tested to EN 1364-4: 2014 and certified up to EI 180
  • Market leading performance


Siderise CW-FB curtain wall fireboard  forms part of a perimeter barrier firestop and spandrel zone protection system for use with non-fire rated aluminium curtain wall façades. CW-FB and CW-FS (perimeter barrier and fire stop systems), have been jointly tested in conjunction with non-fire rated aluminium curtain wall assemblies to provide market leading fire resistance performance for the critical spandrel zone.


For Technical Support with this Siderise Insulation solution please contact:

T:+44 (0) 1656 335819

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