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Siderise CW | Perimeter Firestop & Protected Spandrel Systems for Curtain Walling

Siderise Perimeter Firestop & Protected Spandrel Systems for Curtain Walling

As part of our commitment to building safer buildings, we have been developing tested and third-party certified perimeter fire barrier systems specifically for protecting the spandrel in curtain wall façades for over a decade.

Our systems incorporate Siderise CW-FS Curtain Wall Firestops and Siderise CW-FB Curtain Wall Fire Board tested in specific constructions with commercially available non-fire rated curtain wall assemblies.

Together, these products work holistically to provide an enhanced perimeter fire containment solution that extends the fire resistance of the compartment floor to the back of the curtain wall and offers advanced fire resistance performance of the perimeter firestop, helping to preserve the integrity of the spandrel assembly and the stability of the curtain wall.

  • 16 successful tests to both EN-1364-4 and ASTM E 2307, with certified systems achieving a fire rating of up to 3-hours (EI 180)
  • Siderise CW-FS, in combination with Siderise CW-FB, is currently (17/10/22) the only passive fire solution system on the market to have been tested to BS EN 1364-4 with pre-test movement cycling of the firestop in accordance with EAD 350141-00-1106
  • Siderise CW-FS has a unique construction with a vertically orientated pre-compressed internal fibre structure that can accommodate façade movement over the life of the building whilst maintaining its fire performance
  • Siderise CW-FB is applied to the critical spandrel zone, with additional protection added to aluminium mullions.
  • UAE Fire & Life Safety Code compliant systems


Our systems offer a straightforward yet advanced perimeter fire containment solution for protecting against vertical fire spread in the most popular curtain wall types — ensuring compliance and supporting specifiers in delivering the safest standards possible.

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