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Installation inspection and reporting

Siderise have developed a simple-to-use inspection application to enable the efficient recording and assessment of the installation of our products – and the issue of the recorded information into a clear and concise report.

The Siderise Inspection App

The Siderise Inspector App provides a simple, easy-to-use process for recording the progress and quality of the installation of all of our standard firestop, cavity barrier and acoustic barrier systems. It allows the user to effectively inspect, record and seamlessly audit the quality of the installation work. Importantly, this process highlights any issues in need of a resolution.

Once in the field, the user can use the app on a standard smartphone or tablet device to capture the relevant information for the installation.

Siderise Inspector App features

  • Streamlined and contextual data entry using an iOS or Android device
  • The Siderise Inspector App allows the user to easily update the data input fields, capture multiple photos for each area and/or element inspected and records the results of the audit.
  • Photos taken using the device’s built-in camera document the installation and are embedded/annotated within the final report.
  • The Siderise Inspector App facilitates immediate generation of comprehensive report which records the quality of installation of areas inspected, and if those area are in accordance with recommendations and most importantly, identifies areas that might not be in accordance with recommendations that would require remedial actions.


How long does it take for me to receive the report/a reply?

We aim to review and return the report within three working days from receipt, provided they are received by 12pm. Often they are returned much faster however this is dependant on how the reports are submitted; if everybody waits until the end of the week to submit all of their reports, it will take longer. We recommend submitting your reports regularly to ensure any remedials required are highlighted as soon as possible.

How many downloads of the App can I have?

You can use your login code on multiple devices but please bear in mind that all of the reports submitted will be returned to the account email address. If you require multiple accounts for your team, please use the “register now” feature on the login screen.

What is the cost of the App and the service?

We are currently running the App service on a fair use policy per project, the App download is free. If you are concerned that you may end up submitting a lot of reports please contact to discuss. We also reserve the right to contact you if the number of reports you are submitting is in excess of our fair use policy.

How do I get updates?

The App should automatically update or notify you upon starting the App that an update is required. If an update is released that we know will not be automatically run, we will send a notification to the registered account email address.

How do I know if you have received my audit?

After you have verified the report it will show a verification success screen. You can either use the red “sync now” button then or later on the home screen to submit the report, while submitting it will display a loading screen which will show “sync complete” once all verified reports are uploaded to our server. If it has been more than three working days since you submitted your report please contact

How do I get App support?

There is a user guide built into the App accessible from the menu which you should also have received my email with your login code. If you are experiencing any issues with the App please contact

If you identify remedials, do I need to submit another report once I have undertaken them?

Best practice is to submit a new report with photos showing the remedials have been carried out. Please also make reference to the original report in one of the “add notes” sections, so that we can relate the reports together.

How do you re open an archived inspection?

Swipe left on the report shown on the screen and press “reactivate”, this is also how you can delete a report by pressing the “delete” button.

Can you edit reports, for example if there is a spelling mistake?

When you submit the report it submits as a PDF so editing is not possible. If there is a major mistake please contact us at to see if there is anything we can do.

What does the stamp mean?

As outlined in the declaration at the end of the report, the Siderise stamp is the endorsement by Siderise to prove the report has been assessed by Siderise with no further remedials required. If remedials are required, the report will be returned with commend and no stamp.

Can the stamp also be dated?

We do not currently include the date on the stamp when reviewing the report, the report date is deemed as the date in the signatory section of the report.

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