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Siderise SilentWave RCD – Noise Control for Recreational Craft – Services

Technical Services

Technical Support

Siderise provides the following technical support services:

  • Explanation of acoustic and noise control principles for marine craft, including optimal materials.
  • Engage with your engineering, design and procurement teams to provide support at any stage of the project.
  • Noise control engineering - we can assist with both calculations based on our test library, or technical advice based on our extensive experience with industrial and environmental noise control.

Product Design/Bespoke Solutions

Siderse is able to engineer insulation products for your specific design, this can include novel materials and/or manufacturing methods.

Our objective is to fully understand the needs of your application and develop the optimum solution, balancing acoustic, fire and thermal performance, combined with spatial constraints, weight and cost.

Product Tests and Approvals

Siderise are strong advocates of product testing to ensure that performance is accurately declared and supported.

We can assist with the following:

  • In-house impedance tube testing (absorption and transmission)
  • Third party fire testing (reaction and resistance)
  • Third party thermal and mechanical testing

Training and CPD

Siderise is passionate about training and education and offers both remote and onsite product CPDs.

Available Product CPDs:

  • Acoustic basics
  • Noise control engineering

Please contact our technical services team for further information.

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Site Services

On-site Testing/ R&D Support

Visiting your site and viewing your application first hand can provide valuable insight into your unique challenge and enable innovative solutions to be developed.

Siderise can provide full R&D support to provide prototyping and on-site trials.

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