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Fence Noise Barriers

Noise pollution is an ever increasing issue in modern life. Construction sites are particularly challenging environments in which to control noise.

High levels of noise pollution can lead to complaints from nearby residential areas, action from local authorities and can even result in a site being closed down.

The World Health Organization has issued guidelines regarding noise levels. They class 55dB as loud enough to cause serious annoyance and state that noise levels as low as 70dB can result in hearing impairment. With heavy plant and tools working in excess of 85dB on a construction site, it is easy to see why this is a significant issue.


  • Constructions sites
  • Railway noise / maintenance
  • Outdoor events
  • Road / traffic noise

Siderise has developed and independently tested a range of Noise Barriers for fences which reduce the impact of environmental noise caused by construction work or events, thereby benefiting residents and improving public relations.

If you have a specialised requirement such as mobile enclosures or an exceptional noise reduction requirement, be sure to talk to our technical team for fencing as we can develop solutions to meet the most challenging requirements.

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