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Siderise TW-P – Firestops for Profiled Decks

Siderise TW fire stops for profiled decks are comprised of semi-rigid mineral wool insulation designed for use in small/irregular shaped cavities in ceiling voids, to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, and reduce sound transmission between rooms.

  • Up to 120 minutes fire resistance
  • Fire and smoke barrier
  • Additionally offers noise reduction
  • Custom profiles possible

Siderise TW-P fire stops for profiled decks comprise a range of fire stopping solutions designed to seal the junction between the tops of compartment walls and the underside of profiled decking.
These bespoke products are made up of materials that are supplied in various configurations to cost effectively suit the project requirement. In every case, the materials are tailormade to suit the shape and performance specification of the individual application.


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