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Welcome to the Siderise Community Trust

The Siderise Community Trust will provide funding for the communities of Maesteg, empowering the town and all its people to create places which they can feel proud of, passion for and belonging in.

Siderise Community Trust seeks to promote:

Participation and action in the community
To promote active involvement in community life through raising local voices and supporting community initiatives, events, groups etc.

Inclusion and belonging where we live
To cultivate and nurture a sense of belonging, where people can understand, respect and celebrate the differences that make us stronger.

Caring for the environment around us
To help improve our urban environment and respond to local challenges created by climate change, austerity, rapid physical developments and economic inequality.

Positive change in the area and its people
To be a catalyst for positive change by promoting the region, towns and its people as an example of public and private sector collaboration

Being fit for the future
To create a financially robust, resilient organisation which uses community wisdom and an evidence-based approach to decision making, ensuring support is given where it is needed the most.

Our Approach:

To achieve the aims of the Trust, we are committed to:

We will be honest and transparent in our approach and authentic in how we do things. We will do what we say we will do.

Local support
We are committed to the neighbourhoods of Maesteg and surrounding areas and will respond to resident needs in this area.

We believe every individual is an important part of our neighbourhood and should be able to contribute in a way that is meaningful for them.

We always treat people equally and are committed to reducing inequalities that exist within our community and organisation.

We try new ways of working and experiment to find the best way of doing things. We want to use our assets to maximum social benefit for the local community.