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Who we are

Our management teams are made up of individuals who have a wealth of experience and technical expertise in the areas of fire, thermal and acoustic insulation.

Siderise is committed to offering superior customer service whilst using our extensive knowledge to deliver both product innovation and development.

By providing free technical guidance we support our clients at every stage of the design process and are happy to assist clients in making the most appropriate product selection for any project.

Please learn more about the management team below, alternately for customer service or technical support please view our contact page.

Siderise Group Ltd.

Adam Turk

Chief Executive Officer

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Steve Swales

Executive Director

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Chris Pavett

Chief Financial Officer

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Tony Ryan

Chief Technical Officer

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Andrew Dewhurst

Executive Director

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Siderise Insulation Ltd.

Richard Biston

Sales Director

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Graham Laws

Technical Director

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Chris Mort

R&D Director

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Helen Massay

Marketing Manager

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David Hunter

Manufacturing Director

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Siderise (Special Products) Ltd.

Mike Carrick

Business Development Director

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Hugh Langley

Managing Director

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David Boon

OEM Sales Director