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The Siderise company history

Siderise has been successfully developing insulation solutions for over four decades. Here you can find out more about our roots in the insulation industry and how we’ve grown to become one of the UK’s market leaders in developing acoustic, fire and thermal insulation products.

1972 : The roots of Siderise

Siderise was first established in Surrey in 1972 as a distributor of acoustic materials. The product range initially comprised stonewool mineral materials, acoustic foams, heavy layer barriers and damping materials.

It was quickly recognised that customer requirements could often not be fully met with the standard acoustic materials available from the marketplace. Many users required products tailored to their individual needs. This could be a simple case of supplying cut or shaped components or possibly fabricating a unique complex acoustic material. Research was undertaken to see how Siderise could better cater to everyone’s needs.

1979 : Bringing manufacturing in house

As a consequence of the growing need for bespoke insulation solutions, Siderise opened its first manufacturing facility in 1979 which specialised in the processing of rockfibre materials. This was shortly followed by two further manufacturing units: a flexible foam processor and a mineral fibre fabrication facility producing high performance cores for composite panels.

This presented Siderise as being uniquely positioned to evolve into a specialist distributor - offering innovative acoustic materials and bespoke product designs to a variety of construction markets.

1982 : Foam conversion facility

With the initial success of the manufacturing facilities Siderise was approached by a number of customers requesting the production of foam composite materials that incorporated polymer heavy membranes. These products had a reputation for being notoriously difficult to bond.

In response Siderise approached Cambridge Insulation who had developed unique adhesives and lamination techniques, and specialised in complex foam and plastic laminations. In 1982 Siderise merged with Cambridge Insulation to form Siderise (Special Products) Ltd, based in Hadleigh, which grew to become one of the largest UK suppliers of foam based acoustic laminates to the OEM industry.

1991 : Lamatherm, Lamaphon and Lamapro brands

In 1991 Siderise consisted of the following companies:

Siderise Ltd, a technical / sales office and distribution warehouse based in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey.

Siderise (Western) Ltd, a manufacturing facility (opened June 1991), and Lamatherm (Products) Ltd, a sales company which started trading in October 1991, both based in Maesteg, Wales.

Siderise (Eastern) Ltd, a manufacturing facility, Siderise (Boards & Panels) Ltd, a sales company, Siderise (Special Products) Ltd managing specialist OEM solutions, and Siderise (Holdings) Ltd, managing all company interests, were all based in Hadleigh, Suffolk

Operations of Siderise (Boards & Panels) Ltd were later transferred to Maesteg, and in December 1991 the company ceased trading.

The now well known Lamatherm brand was established to represent the company’s fire safe and thermal insulation, along with Lamaphon for acoustic insulation addressing common sound problems, and Lamapro specialist insulation solutions catering to diverse industries such as HVAC, marine, rail, automotive and power generation.

Lamatherm became the UK’s No.1 firestop solution for the curtain walling industry for over 20 years.

Patented manufacturing processes

Recognising·that the market for rockfibre based non-combustible panel cores was likely to expand dramatically under pressure from insurers, and to ensure a competitive advantage, Siderise developed and patented a unique insulation product and automatic manufacturing process called HSL.

This patented technology represented a dramatic advance for the production of bonded composite panels to meet all the performance criteria required of modern industrial and commercial buildings, curtain walling systems, doors and volumetric building elements.

The HSL Process

HSL involves cutting mineral wool slabs into strips and turning them through 90 degrees so that the fibres lie at right angles to the board’s surface. These strips are resilient and much stiffer than a conventional slab of the same material. The strips (or lamellae) are then subjected to ‘super compression’ - a unique form of lateral compression - which eliminates all gaps within and between lamellae, thereby removing any weak points. They are held in the ‘super-compressed’ state by means of outer facings which are heat fused directly to the surface of the rockfibre. The result is a structural firesafe core, and a cost effective alternative to plastic foams, that is practical to install.

2005 : Siderise Insulation Ltd

In 2005·the Maesteg based companies·Lamatherm (Products) Ltd, Siderise (Western) Ltd,·and Siderise Ltd merged·to form Siderise Insulation Ltd. Lamatherm continued as a strong company brand, as did Lamaphon and Lamapro.

The merger was undertaken to simplify the company's structure, meaning that Siderise (Special Products) Ltd would continue to operate in Hadleigh and carry out foam based OEM activities whilst·Siderise Insulation Ltd would carry all other activities including the continued manufacturing of·fire and thermal insulation products.

Siderise (Holdings) Ltd would continue to manage·Siderise group interests.

2013 : Unifying the Siderise brand

Whilst Lamatherm, Lamaphon and Lamapro remain well known brand names to date,·in 2013, in response to continued growth in the overseas markets,·Siderise decided to unify and strengthen the identity of the Siderise·brand itself. To do this the group was redefined by market sectors, and strategy started to unify group sales. The company·also started a product reclassification programme which would see its·products·using Siderise as a prefix replacing the traditional·'Lamatherm', 'Lamaphon' and·'Lamapro' names.

In 2005 when Lamatherm (Products) Ltd merged with Siderise (Western) Ltd to form Siderise Insulation Ltd, the newly named company gained the intellectual property rights related to Lamatherm products that had been developed and tested prior to the merger.

2015 : ‘Siderise’ registered as a trademark

To support brand unification, whereby the company’s historic product names Lamatherm, Lamaphon and Lamapro would be replaced with the universal name ‘Siderise’, ·a decision was made by the Siderise Group to register ‘Siderise’ as a trademark. An application was filed with the Intellectual Property Office in March 2015 and as of the 12 June 2015 Siderise was officially awarded the status of registered trademark.

As a registered trademark Siderise® would be used to create a stronger brand identity·across the UK and in international markets.

2016 : Siderise’s Maesteg Factory celebrates 25 years

The Siderise production facility, on the Forge Industrial Estate in Maesteg, first opened its doors on 1st June 1991. Twenty-five years on Siderise has grown to become a market leader in the design and manufacture of acoustic, fire and thermal insulation solutions; its diverse range of fire-stopping insulation and acoustic products being renowned internationally.

Launch of Site Services and Inspection App

Siderise launch Site Services, offering a wide range of services to customers to ensure everything runs smoothly from product selection to final installation. This coincides with the launch of the Inspection App, featuring a tailored report template referencing project-specific details and method statement.

Second Conference hosted at BRE

Siderise organises and hosts a ‘Facades’ conference at the BRE Watford. With over 170 delegates from across design, manufacturing and installation, the full-day event included presentations by internationally-renowned experts from a range of stakeholders and focused on two main topics: Fire Safety, and Acoustic Behaviours of Facades.


Siderise welcomes Allarch as new Indian distributor

The company expand its market presence in India, the fourth largest construction market in the world, by the appointment of Allarch as a distributor in the region.

Siderise named among Britain’s fastest-growing SME exporters

The company is recognised as one of the UK’s leading exporters and is ranked 60th in the prestigious Sunday Times Lloyds SME Export Track 100 league table.

Siderise system testing reaches USA

Siderise cavity barriers are involved in fire performance testing to the US standard NFPA 28.


Siderise opens Middle East office

Having seen steady growth in the region for its range of technically advanced and engineered façade solutions, Siderise Middle East FZE opens at Business Bay in the United Arab Emirates. Managed by Sreenivas Narayanan, the new office is set up to provide sales and technical support for its clients across the region.

Siderise achieves ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Standard

Reflecting the importance that Siderise puts on its environmental impact as both a business and employer, the company achieves ISO 14001:2015, the globally recognised environmental management system. The approval covers the design and manufacture of Siderise products at its head office in Maesteg, for use in fire compartmentation, noise control and thermal insulation.

Dedicated ‘Site Services’ engineers

To ensure that contractors are installing products correctly, Siderise establishes the dedicated ‘Site Services’ team of engineers who provide toolbox talks to contractors and practical training on how to install its products.


HVG Facades announced as exclusive distributor for Siderise in Australia

The company establishes a presence in Australia by partnering with HVG Facades, a distributor of superior and innovative façade products throughout the region. The extensive Siderise range complements the distributor’s growing portfolio of non-combustible facade products, enabling it to offer passive fire and acoustic products to specifiers, consultants and contractors.

Second generation Siderise Inspection App launched

The second generation of the Siderise Inspector App is launched. The App guides the user through the installation process and allows photographs to be taken to record the standard of workmanship. The subsequently generated report is sent to Siderise for checking to ensure that the project is following our installation guidelines, and feedback is issued on good practice and areas where extra attention is required.


The Siderise CT Cavity Barrier is launched strengthening the Masonry façade product portfolio.

After 29 years with Siderise, Tony James retires and Adam Turk becomes Group CEO.

Siderise Asia Pacific is established with an office and staff in Singapore.


Siderise completes unique system tests for Brick Slip facades enabling expanded application for its Rainscreen solutions.

Siderise Head Office doubles its footprint in Maesteg, opening new offices and manufacturing space on acquired neighbouring land.

Siderise India Pvt. Ltd is established and launched.


On 8th March 2023, the Rt Hon Mark Drakeford MS, First Minister of Wales officially opened Siderise’s new £1 million Innovation Centre at Maesteg, which will drive the creation of enhanced fire safety solutions for facades and building finishes, helping to deliver safer buildings all over the world.