About us | Siderise


Making the world a safer place

Siderise has been creating and manufacturing acoustic, fire and thermal insulation solutions for the UK and overseas markets for over 45 years.

We have come a long way since the introduction of our original Lamaphon, Lamatherm and Lamapro product ranges, which have become trusted leading brands in construction, building services, OEM and many other industries. The Siderise brand and range of insulation products is now renowned internationally.

Our growth is attributable to the key values we held from our earliest days – the fundamental ethos at Siderise is to provide class leading fire protection, noise control and thermal insulation solutions and to support customers and specifiers with the highest level of technical expertise.


When presented with a problem we always ask ourselves “How?” rather than say “No”.

We believe that the many innovative products we have introduced over the years have been a direct result of us listening to our customers’ needs and then engineering solutions to exactly match their requirements.


Our innovation is supported by intelligent manufacturing and environmentally conscious materials.

Our manufacturing processes incorporate unique process technologies, and our products are made using environmentally conscious materials. This means we can meet our customers’ requirements quickly and efficiently whilst providing them with solutions that have minimum impact on the environment.


We share our knowledge and provide technical advice throughout the project.

Providing bespoke solutions is all down to our technical expertise and we will always ensure that a project runs smoothly by sharing our knowledge and providing the support our customers need.



To do this successfully we adhere to a series of systems and standards which include:

  • A manufacturing quality assurance scheme fully accredited to ISO 9001:2015
  • An environmental management system accredited to ISO 14001:2015
  • A ‘Lean’ manufacturing ethic
  • Meeting current regulatory requirements and industry performance standards
  • Regular independent performance testing for our products
  • Formalised procedures for new product development
  • Professional development for our employees

Thanks to our flexibility, commitment and expertise combined, with our intelligent manufacturing processes and diverse product ranges Siderise has become the insulation specialist of choice for many major companies around the globe.