Power Generation

SIDERISE is a key solutions partner to global providers of rental, standby and prime power generation. The power generation market place demands flexibility, reliability, speed and cost effectiveness.

Our insulation solutions meet:

  • Directive 2000/14/EC (amended by 2005/88/EC) – noise emissions from equipment for outdoor use
  • Air flow / cooling requirement

The twin requirements of noise control and cooling provide a unique challenge in - massive power creating huge low frequency sound pressure, and containment mitigated by the need for significant air flow to allow cooling of the engine and alternator.

SIDERISE offers both an advisory and technical solution service, where our product will be engineered for the specific needs of your unit, including the frequency spectrum, canopy design, airflow requirements and thermal management. Illustrative performance can be calculated to save on costly R&D testing.

Our noise control treatments are working hard across the globe to deliver power generation at the required sound level.