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From buses to road sweepers, military to construction plant vehicles, vehicle noise is an issue in the commercial sector whether it is new developments in powertrain technology or hybridisation or electrification of vehicles.

While many of today’s trucks make 10 times less noise than those built over 40 years ago, road traffic noise remains the most widespread cause of environmental health problems across Europe.  According to the European Environment Agency, almost 70 million people are exposed to excessive long term average road noise levels (>55db), the level recognised to pose a serious risk to health by the World Health Organisation. 

A number of factors contribute to traffic noise, including the road surface and speed- dependent aerodynamic noise, but most urban traffic noise originates from the vehicles rather than the tyres.  The noise standards for commercial vehicles are particularly significant as they cause half of the road noise-burden across Europe.

Emissions pollution has driven changes in engine design such as hybrids and lean engines. However, high running temperatures can result in these engines being noisier.  Even electric vehicles have different noise characteristics which need controlling to gain market acceptance as they often have devices for energy storage that generate noise intermittently themselves .

Tackling noise at source

The vehicle engine is an understandable source of noise, and when you combine this with the powertrain, there are a large number of interlinked components that produce sound.  From rattles to sound pressure waves, these sounds include vibrations and ‘surface radiation’, which is the low-frequency sound produced by a surface as it pulsates, like a drum. The ‘mechanics’ of noise mean that as the sound level of any individual component is reduced, others become more noticeable – which means that all components must be worked on together to actually reduce engine (and vehicle) noise. This is also true for other noise producing vehicle elements. After reducing powertrain and exhaust sounds, other noises may become noticeable such as aerodynamic resistance or previously unnoticed tyre/road noise.

An additional benefit of reducing noise at source is that driver and passenger noise will be significantly improved. Further improvements to sound quality in-cab can be gained by addition of sound insulation and absorption behind or under the interior trim.

A quieter life

Having manufactured acoustic and fire insulation products for more than 40 years, SIDERISE offers a large range of tried-and-tested product enhancements specifically developed to the broad spectrum of requirements in the commercial vehicle sector.

Offering high insulation and absorption performance as well as fuel, oil and chemical resistance, these sound reduction and damping treatments have been expertly designed for the most challenging environments. 

At under 10kg/m3 density, SIDERISE foams are class leaders in weight- saving and by combining with other layers, excellent and targeted acoustic performance can be achieved at minimum thickness. These foam products can also be used in public service vehicles (PSVs) for thermal insulation leading to weight savings of the order of 100kg per vehicle, whilst improving thermal and acoustic performance. The addition of viscoelastic and polymeric heavy layers to these foams can produce high insulation and vibration damping performance.

Paul Handscomb of SIDERISE said, “Our noise control materials can be quickly installed on the production line or workshop and are independently tested to give our clients complete confidence in product performance.”

Fire protection

Recent awareness of the risks of vehicles in tunnels has also required materials with increased fire resistance and protection from ingress of potentially flammable fluids. Devices to burn off particulates and catalytic convertors generate significant heat in engine areas.  In addition, the increased containment by undertrays or close cladding to an engine requires higher temperature resistance materials. 

SIDERISE solutions will provide both integrated noise reduction performance of up to 20dB and are also compliant with Euro 6 legislation and tested to the toughest flammability regulations.  Able to withstand up to 800°C and 30 minutes fire protection, these non-combustible solutions offer exceptional thermal and fire safety performance.

With traffic noise affecting greater numbers of people and faced with tough regulations, the importance of taking a holistic approach to noise control on commercial vehicles has never been more apparent.  Through a wide range of independently tested noise control treatments, SIDERISE will be able to quickly and professionally reach the optimum solution, each and every time, and for the most challenging environments.  

The Siderise Group has reached a significant milestone in the company’s history, celebrating 25 years of designing and manufacturing world leading acoustic, fire and thermal insulation solutions at their factory in Wales.

The Siderise Group has reached a significant milestone in the company’s history, celebrating 25 years of designing and manufacturing world leading acoustic, fire and thermal insulation solutions at their factory in Wales.

From the production facility on the Forge Industrial Estate in Maesteg which opened on 1st June 1991, SIDERISE has grown to become the insulation specialist of choice for many major companies with its diverse range of fire-stopping insulation and acoustic solutions being renowned internationally.

A pioneer in the industry the company has heralded a number of industry firsts. This includes the development of the world’s first single sheet firestop and cavity barrier systems. These innovative and industry-leading passive fire protection systems provide compartmentation in high rise buildings.

Other innovations include the company’s perimeter barrier curtain walling firestop, the first to market internationally, and their technical expertise led to the development of the first reactive solution for ventilated facades within Europe. Structural fire safe panels for bonded composite panels and a range of open state cavity barriers for rain screen facades are a direct result of the company listening to customer’s needs and then engineering solutions to exactly match their requirements.

SIDERISE products have been used on a number of high profile projects across the globe. From meeting the rigorous standards at the Athlete’s Villages for both the 2000 and 2012 Olympics in Sydney and London, to the prestigious Canary Wharf Development as well as hospitals, government and pharmaceutical buildings, the company’s fire protection and acoustic solutions are simple in concept, simple to use and simple to install.

Commenting on the anniversary, Steve Swales, Chief Commercial Officer of SIDERISE said: “This 25 year milestone is testament to all our staff, our innovation and an approach to lean manufacturing. Our people are key to our growth and their engineering prowess and exacting standards have led our company to where we are today.”

And through its partnership with Dublin-based distributor TIDL the company’s Lamatherm products have featured on a number of high profile projects in Ireland including both the Hewlett Packard factory and Google offices.

“The façade sector has traditionally delivered stable growth and following our success with Middle East projects such as the King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh, we are planning to expand into more export markets, notably across Central Malaysia and India, two of our key areas for future growth,” added Steve Swales.

The group looks forward to the continued success of the SIDERISE brand over the coming months and years.

For further information about SIDERISE or for technical advice visit www.siderise.com or call 01656 730833

With its expertise in developing insulation products for interiors, SIDERISE prides itself in having supplied key insulation solutions for interior entertainment, residential and commercial fit-outs as part of award-winning developments.

With its expertise in developing insulation products for interiors, SIDERISE prides itself in having supplied key insulation solutions for interior entertainment, residential and commercial fit-outs as part of award-winning developments.

This year the prestigious One Hyde Park development in London was highly commended at the ANC Acoustic Awards due to its complex acoustic challenges and the insulation solutions provided. The development demanded acoustic performance levels that exceeded the criteria demanded by Building Regulations ‘Approved Document E’. The material used was to be as thin as possible for both practical and aesthetic reasons. SIDERISE met this challenge using its FIP high performance acoustic panel, comprising four primary layers in composite form, and offering a combination of stiffness and damping, with a nominal thickness of only 31mm. SIDERISE FIP had exceeded performance expectations for a thin, single homogenous panel, normally limited to 30-35dB, by achieving 46dB Rw when tested.

In 2013 the SSE Hydro Arena, one of Glasgow’s most prestigious entertainment venues, won the “Most Stylish Entertainment Venue”. The complex geometry of the arena’s bespoke British Gypsum sloping fire rated plenum ceilings meant that a specialist solution would be required to meet acoustic performance requirements. SIDERISE used its acoustic barrier mat SIDERISE BM/Px series, thin polymeric sound barriers providing exceptional flexibility and optimum sound reduction and dampening performance. The result was a fully compliant system.

All products are made from robust sustainable materials, and include a comprehensive range of fire insulation products for walls, ceilings and floors. Bespoke solutions can be designed to suit complex requirements.

You can download these case studies from our projects page.

At the recent Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) Awards, the project One Hyde Park was highly commended by judges in relation to sound insulation. SIDERISE was very proud to be a part of this project.

In June, the prestigious One Hyde Park project, based in the heart of London, was highly commended by the judges at the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) Awards. One Hyde Park is a luxurious residential development in Knightsbridge that consists of four separate pavilions of varying height. These comprise 82 apartments and four penthouses designed to cater to the high-end residential sector. The scale and purpose of this project has meant that it has set new standards throughout the industry.

Acoustic performance and suitable sound insulation had proved particularly challenging due to the nature of the project, the bespoke design of individual dwellings and client expectations. SIDERISE was asked by Clarke Saunders Associates, the noise consultants for the project, to provide a solution that would prevent the performance of internal walls being compromised by the complexity of the interface with the façade.

The complex design consisted of narrow glazing mullion sections canted at various angles, and a profile that included different sectional elements at floor and ceiling interfaces.  The solution would need to close the detail efficiently, while remaining aesthetically consistent with the architectural and interior designs. 

To solve the sound issue SIDERISE offered SIDERISE FIP high performance acoustic panel, a product comprising of four primary layers in composite form offering a combination of stiffness and damping within a high mass panel with a nominal thickness of only 31mm. When tested in April 2011 the results far exceeded expectations for a thin, single homogenous panel, normally limited to 30-35dB, achieving 46dB Rw proving that the FIP panel was in a class of its own.

Clarke Saunders Associates had set out to achieve a performance greater than 40dB RW and were extremely pleased with the result that SIDERISE FIP had provided.

“The result of 46dB Rw for the SIDERISE FIP High Performance Acoustic Panel doesn’t quite defy the laws of physics, but it’s a very impressive outcome, and a very useful product.” – Ed Clarke, Clarke Saunders Associates

You can find out more about the project in our One Hyde Park case study.


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