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Siderise celebrates latest certification and listing with Thomas Bell Wright

Siderise Insulation, market-leading passive fire protection manufacturer for building envelopes, is delighted to announce the successful certification of its innovative stonewool lamella solution for curtain wall façade applications - reinforcing the reputation of its passive fire safety products and systems to provide reliable compartmentation.

Issued by the highly regarded independent Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) organisation, Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants (TBWIC), the Certification attests to Siderise's capabilities in quality manufacturing, particularly for perimeter fire barrier and spandrel protection systems for glazed façade systems.

The Certification, for its curtain walling protected spandrel system incorporating Siderise CW-FS Firestop, CW-FB Fireboard and CW-SI Spandrel Insulation, takes account of the results from system testing to ASTM E2307 and ASTM E2874 fire test standards, as well as Siderise’s ability to satisfy TBWIC’s stringent audit criteria to demonstrate repeatability and consistency of product. ASTM E2874 is a fairly new kid on the block in fire test standards but it evaluates the performance of a spandrel construction in terms of fire-resistance AND auto-exposure, and this listing reinforces Siderise’s commitment to going beyond minimum requirements.

TBWIC is a leader in offering assurance services related to validating the quality and safety of facades as well as for passive fire safety materials and solutions. The multi-accredited firm, which has been operating in the MENA region for nearly three decades, has been expanding in Europe, Asia and beyond in recent years.

"Siderise is thrilled to achieve this significant milestone in system certification," said Sreenivas Naryanan, Technical and Compliance Director at Siderise. "Our team's tireless dedication to research and development, and an ongoing programme of testing has resulted in code compliant products and systems that go beyond the minimum requirements. In this life safety-critical field of construction, it is our duty to ensure our solutions perform as intended. This certification is a testament to our mission of contributing to safer buildings.”

“As a Certification Body, we focus on materials and systems that incorporate innovative solutions to mitigate fire risk, especially in the external walls of the building envelope, which is the key to success in the high-rise construction industry for years to come,” said John Muse, Certification Manager at Thomas Bell-Wright International consultants.

The certified assembly’s effectiveness as a curtain wall perimeter firestop that works holistically with spandrel insulation and fireboard provides enhanced protection in the spandrel zone. This makes it ideal for architects, specifiers, builders, and developers aiming to enhance the fire safety of their projects with code compliant solutions, in line with the overarching fire strategy.


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