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National Customer Service Week - Day 5

#NCSW23 – Interview with Emmie Panagopoulos: Senior Technical Services Engineer


As Senior Technical Services Engineer, the core of Emmie’s role is to assist all members of the design and construction team in specifying the correct Siderise products for their project specific applications. However, as part of the Technical Services team, she is involved in many different aspects of ensuring the Siderise customer experience.


What does Siderise Technical Services offer?

My role is to assist all members of the design and construction team in specifying the correct Siderise products for their project specific applications.


The Siderise Technical Services engineers provide tailored comprehensive responses to enquiries. We as a team, review a wide range of information provided by the customer. This includes plan and sections drawing details, elevations, and fire strategy layouts to ultimately assist in specifying the relevant passive fire protection products.


Our technical advisory service is free of charge, and we provide professional guidance from the start of a project in the earliest design stages all the way through to on-site installation and inspection stages.


How is embracing digitalisation supporting Siderise’s customer service offering?

As the construction industry moves forward into a digital future, Siderise are developing new and exciting ways to support our customers using a wide range of digital mediums. 


We primarily use digitalisation to improve our customer service responses by introducing more graphical representations of our products within their respective applications to provide additional visualisation alongside text. This will lead to quicker response times and leaves little room for misinterpretation.


We are fully live on sourcing platforms such as NBS and BIMSTORE, where our product BIM models can be downloaded. These digital platforms allow for our customers to source our product information with ease and implement them in their project models. Digitalisation development allows for a fully traceable workflow.


What is the importance of a central data repository (PIM)?

Ensuring that easily updated and tracked product information is fed from a central, accurate resource to other platforms and documents is paramount in the construction industry. This ensures that the correct product is specified from the beginning of a project, tracked through a project, and is easily referenced at any point during a building’s life cycle.


What does good customer service mean to you? 

Good customer service is one of our core values at Siderise. The customer always comes first. We value our customers’ time and appreciate their interests in our products. We always aim to provide accurate, relevant responses in a timely manner and to really help our customers. We carefully review every enquiry given to us to ensure that we give our customers the time and consideration they deserve. This is all done by our highly skilled and trained team, who are genuinely passionate about what we do.