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National Customer Service Week - Day 4

#NCSW23 – Interview with Mike Wyles: UK Site Services Manager


Our Site Services team play a significant part in delivering the Siderise experience to customers across the UK and beyond. The team is led by Site Services Manager, Mike Wyles, who brings a wealth of knowledge and real-life experience in the field. We spoke to him about the vital services his team provides on the ground and how they constantly seek to go beyond, ensuring our customers get the support they need how and when they need it.


  1. Why are site services a key part of the customer experience at Siderise?

Having worked on sites myself for many years, there are three main things contractors need to manage: the build programme, the budget, and—of course— the quality of their work. This is especially crucial for passive fire protection in the building envelope. It must be done properly. As the creators of and experts in our products, we believe it is our responsibility to support our customers..

We take this support very seriously and have invested in creating a service that is unique in the market. As far as I am aware, no one offers the depth of the support we do. This service doesn’t come at an additional cost either. It is part of what you get when you purchase a Siderise solution.


  1. What kinds of services do you provide?

We provide everything from site visits and training, to benchmark installations demonstrating what ‘good’ looks like and inspections that ensure our products have been installed in line with our recommendations. The value of these services is that we can spot issues early on, and ensure things are put right before the build progresses, helping to ensure the fire safety strategy is not undermined.

This is all delivered by my team of currently six site engineers, based in strategic locations across the UK. Whilst they are mainly based here, they also provide support on projects across Europe for instance in Denmark, Latvia, Bulgaria and Portugal.

I am really proud of my team. Most of them have come from previous on-site positions so they know the challenges and conditions out there. They work tirelessly to provide a service that goes beyond, putting the customer first and upholding our commitment to integrity. We are well respected for this, and consistently receive positive feedback from surveys and in-person.

As a team, we are constantly looking at ways we can go beyond the norm and deliver something truly useful. For example, our Product Installation Training delivery method was the first in this industry to be certified to ISO 29993: 2017 (Learning services outside formal education — Service requirements).


  1. What does good customer service mean to you?

Acting with integrity and always putting the customer first. It’s not about jumping through hoops or trying to upsell, but genuinely standing beside our customers and enabling them to deliver the best quality projects they can.