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We'll Raise A Mug To That! Tea & Technical Takes Off!

We are thrilled to have 1000 sign ups to our Tea & Technical sessions in November and December alone!


The pandemic has resulted in many changes to both how and where we work. For many, this has made it difficult to find enough time to commit to lengthy learning sessions. Our quick but comprehensive Tea and Technical virtual, bitesize CPDs have been designed to help. These free 20-30-minute presentations cover a range of key industry issues relating to fire safety and acoustics and are delivered live by our technical experts. This means that attendees can interact, ask questions, and get answers in real time. We’ve also got the ‘tea’ side covered, with sign-ups receiving a free mug and snack pack to enjoy during the session!


Through opportunities such as Tea & Technical, we want to share our insight and support industry excellence — a commitment we have set in stone with the launch of our new ‘By Your Side’ initiative that clearly demonstrates how we support stakeholders to meet their requirements at every stage of the construction process.


There are currently ten Tea & Technical sessions available, including:

  • Cladding systems & cavity barriers
  • Testing cavity barriers for masonry applications
  • Masonry facades & cavity barriers
  • Firestops & curtain wall regulations
  • Installation & the importance of getting it right
  • Acoustic terminology and what it means
  • Curtain wall acoustic paths
  • Acoustic regulations & how to design for them


To book your session, please visit: www.Siderise.eventbrite.co.uk


Please note that full CPDs are still available as well and can be booked in their entirety (multiple modules from the bitesize series and more) and held virtually or face-to-face, subject to social distancing and other health & safety measures/restrictions. For more information, please visit our training and CPD area.