Update to EWCL5 Certificate No. ME 5101

We would like to clarify the situation regarding the above which provides third-party certification for SIDERISE RH and SIDERISE RV products.

As you may be aware, a number of testing and certification bodies have been re-examining previously issued certificates in the wake of the recent tragic and significant fire events, amid concerns that their review of evidence may not have been thorough enough.

We have been advised by the Certification body for these products, WarringtonFire, that subsequent to such a review they felt it more appropriate to split the current certification for the RH horizontal open state cavity barrier products and RV vertical full fill cavity barriers into two different certificates and to carry out some additional testing for minimum void applications. The reasoning behind this is:-

  • The current certificate combines both products but, strictly speaking, each range needs to be certified to applicable performance standards.
  • The current certificate refers to the performance of products tested to the widest voids in each category, which to date had satisfied their certification requirements.

For context, the certificate was originally issued on 24 October 2018, and was last revised on 7th March 2019 (it is normal to regularly revise such certificates as additional sizes are added to the range) being valid until 23 October 2023.

Siderise are always supportive of additional testing and we agreed to the request to put the smallest void products through appropriate testing. However, due to the chronic lack of testing space available currently in the UK, this process was going to take time to do (there being five categories to test).

Having historically successfully completed testing for the largest voids, there is no question whatsoever about the ability of the product to perform in the smaller void applications.

Subsequent to embarking on this most recent test programme, we can confirm that the product has now successfully completed three of the tests, and the remaining two are scheduled to take place in due course.

We are grateful to WarringtonFire that they felt sufficiently responsible that these requests had not been made prior, and that they have therefore contributed financially towards the costs of these additional tests.

However, during this period, WarringtonFire felt it necessary to change the status of the certificate on the WarringtonFire website to ‘Suspended – under review’.

Nonetheless, we expect all sizes to have been tested and the new certificates to be in place by the end of May 2021. In the interim we are also expecting a modified version of the current ‘combined’ certificate to be released with additional ‘minimum void’ information.

A copy of the ME 5101 certificate, as revised 7th March 2019, is available via the Siderise website, under Product Resources and Approvals. All supporting data remains valid, and all performance claims and maximum application limits remain unchanged.

As always at Siderise, our integrity is paramount and we wish to be open and transparent about all matters relating to testing and safety and apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. The matter is entirely out of our hands and we are working as fast as possible to satisfy the new requirements given to us at short notice by WarringtonFire.

Should you have any further questions regarding this matter, please direct them to approvals@siderise.com