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The Changing World of Customer Service – Q+A with Jayde David, Sales Office Manager

This week is National Customer Service Week, dedicated to celebrating the important work of customer service teams in all sectors. In a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry like ours, it is fundamental that we move with the times— ensuring our customers get the information they need in the way that they need it to deliver safe, beautiful projects. To learn more about how we do this, we sat down with Jayde, our Sales Office Manager, to discuss how developments in technology, culture and our own team have impacted our offering: 


Q1. Tell us a bit about your role within Siderise. 

My role within Siderise is to drive the Sales Office team forward in line with the rest of the business and to ensure we offer a memorable service. Having progressed from a front-line Customer Service role, I feel that my experience enables me to fully understand and support my team and has also given me a clear view on where to make improvements. I am passionate about the role and the individuals in my team, and I believe our customers can tell that we love what we do.   


Q2. How has the rise of technology changed how customer service is delivered? 

The rise of technology has affected every aspect of customer service, even more so throughout the pandemic. Thanks to the use of technology, many businesses have been able to continue to operate throughout the pandemic, from selling online when stores have been forced to close, to introducing a social media presence to keep customers updated with plans following government updates. I believe that it is a highly beneficial tool to embrace. 

Technology has allowed us to increase both the speed and efficiency of our customer interactions— whether it be processing orders, offering general assistance or dealing with an issue. By taking advantage of our new EFACS CRM system, we are able to investigate / respond instantly and trigger internal processes at the click of a button.  


Q3. Has the pandemic and the working from home culture changed any aspect of your work in the customer service team? 

We have utilised Microsoft Teams a lot more than we would have before. We now hold meetings daily which before the pandemic probably would have been a rare occasion as it meant everyone involved travelling to site. It’s improved communication across the board. With our customers across the world and our colleagues in the Middle East & Singapore alike, we are now using the tools available to us to hold and join meetings taking place anywhere in the world remotely which means we are so much more productive.  


Q4. How do you and the team stay engaged with what our customers need and the issues they are facing? 

The technical support Siderise offer is a huge part of what sets us apart from our competitors. The customer service team have access to the technical case notes for each project which means we can offer more in-depth, project specific support as and when our customers enquiry reaches us.  
We have a constant flow of contact with our customers over telephone and email and our regional advisors offer a focused, more personalised service as they are familiar with their own regional customer base and ongoing projects.  

Each region also has a dedicated CRM advisor to follow up and offer a continuity of service after the point of quotation with regards to the wider project, so we remain in touch for support throughout the project’s life cycle. Using this process as a whole and referring to the bank of information available to us via our website and CRM system enables us to stay engaged with our customers and remain aware of the issues they are facing.  


Q5. In your opinion, what’s the most fundamental part of good customer service? 

I think the most fundamental part of good customer service is communication— to be able to listen and engage and have a genuine concern for the needs of your customer. Also, to understand the importance of communicating every stage of our internal processes with our customers, whichever department the enquiry is with. 


Learn more about National Customer Service Week and follow the conversation at #NCSW21