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Summary of updates to the LABC Warranty Technical Manual for cavity barriers and firestopping

LABC has published its latest edition of the LABC Warranty Technical Manual (v10) which is applicable to all sites first registered with LABC Warranty from 11th June 2021.

The Technical Manual provides detailed build guidance and outlines the functional requirements for new homes to be covered by their warranty. Below is a brief summary of the sections and updates relevant to the use of cavity barriers and firestopping.


What is the LABC Warranty Manual?

The comprehensive, 466-page guide has been created by technical experts. Broken into logical ‘build part’ sections, it provides clear and up-to-date guidance on meeting technical standards required for warranty approval. This includes, workmanship materials and design for all aspects of a build— from ground conditions to roofing and is  a vital resource for anyone building new homes in England and Wales.


Download the full document for free here.


Version 10 contains a number of changes directly relating to the use of cavity barrier and fire stopping. These are as follows:


Changes to Functional Requirements - quality assurance process

Version 10 introduces a new requirement for a quality assurance process to be provided to evidence fire stopping and cavity barriers installed in buildings 4.5m above the lowest ground level. This is applicable to:

  • Section 6 (External Walls)
  • Section 7 (Internal Walls)
  • Section 10 (Upper Floors)


Changes / additions to guidance in the building part sections - section 6 (external walls) - rigid cavity trays for framed structures

This section has undergone a few changes in the latest version and has been reorganised to avoid repetition. The most significant change is in relation to firestopping and the recommendation for the use of rigid cavity trays to be used in cavity walls of framed structures.


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