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Siderise Supports Code for Construction Product Information

The Code for Construction Product Information marks one of the most important steps we can take in restoring both public confidence in our sector, and the trust that specifiers place in the hands of manufacturers. Siderise welcomes the creation of the Code and is in full support of its proposed requirements, which resonate with our stated aim of demonstrating integrity in all we do.

Developed in response to the issues highlighted by Dame Judith Hackitt in her ‘Building A Safer Future’ report, the Code will offer a benchmark for how product information is presented and marketed by construction product manufacturers. This will allow everyone involved in specification and procurement to start from a level playing field, ensuring the products they choose are not only appropriate for the job in hand, but have been subject to the appropriate tests and verifications.

The Code has been produced by the Construction Product Association’s (CPA) Marketing Integrity Group (MIG), which is chaired by our CEO Adam Turk. It is the result of two and a half years of research, open debate and discussion, and engagement with various parts of the supply chain. It aims to meet the calls for product performance information to be “Clear, Accurate, Up-to-date, Accessible and Unambiguous.”

This is an approach that we, as a business have been championing for decades. As Adam explains:

“The Code is an opportunity to restore trust in our industry, setting a standard that enables construction product manufacturers to demonstrate that their products will do what they say they will do, and that their product information is transparent and can be trusted. As both the Chair of MIG and the CEO of a company which pledges “integrity in all we do”, I am committed to making sure Siderise leads the way in the adoption of the Code, helping our customers to create safe and beautiful buildings with confidence, and encouraging other manufacturers to do the same. Despite all of the work we have been doing at Siderise for many years in this area, we still have work to do to meet the full extent of the new Code, and our team are working hard to make those improvements as quickly as possible.”

The Code is currently undergoing an industry wide consultation, allowing manufacturers, specifiers, and users of information an opportunity to comment on the new Code, the implementation of its 11 Clauses, and its ongoing management and policing. Learn more and have your say at The consultation runs until 31st March.

You can also learn more about how we are already working to achieve compliance in our upcoming blog.