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Ensuring Product Traceability With BSI Identify

We are thrilled to announce that we have joined BSI Identify — a digital identification platform that seeks to improve industry safety by providing a straightforward solution to product traceability.

The service uses DOI (digital object identifier technology) to provide manufacturers with a single place to add and update product information such as safety data and installation videos to support product users in real time, whilst facilitating access to historic information for discontinued products. This creates a central registry which is searchable, connected, and permanent, helping to stop the risks associated with missing, out-of-date product information.

We have added special QR codes to seven of our RH Horizontal Cavity Barrier products which are linked to a BSI UPIN — a unique digital ID applied to every construction product within the BSI Identify database. When scanned, this will take the user to the exact product data attributable to the day it was manufactured, whether that was yesterday or a decade later. This ensures that anyone can easily find all the correct product information relating to specification, testing, installation and maintenance.

Graham Laws, Technical Director commented on the new platform:

“For decades, we have been dedicated to ensuring ‘integrity in everything we do,’ including making sure that accurate product data is always accessible to our customers. BSI Identify will provide us with a quick and easy tool to do this in a way which is useful and accessible to our customers, no matter where in the construction timeline they sit. Sitting alongside our own information and services, our library of test data and reports, our Inspection and Reporting App, we can see real potential its ability to enable better audit processes and help to deliver a safer built environment, both now and in the future — thus supporting ‘The Golden Thread’ and vital industry initiatives such as the Code for Construction Product Information.”

Learn more about BSI Identity: identify.bsigroup.com