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Site Inspection App aids post-Covid world

As the leading manufacturer of fire, acoustic and thermal insulation solutions, we have announced that our site services capability have resumed and are able to visit construction sites that are classed and confirmed as Covid-19 secure. Furthermore, we have highlighted the benefit that our inspection app is playing in helping contractors inspect, record and audit installations of Siderise firestops, cavity barriers and acoustic barrier systems, at a time when how we work on site is being constantly reviewed.

Following a suspension period during the Covid-19 lockdown, we have reinstated site services offerings and are able to offer contractors the following on-site support options on installed products:

  • Installation Audits/Reviews
  • Installation Advice for on-going projects

Commenting on the update, Thomas James, Operations Director at Siderise said: “Our site services team will be happy to attend sites that are classed and confirmed as Covid-19 secure, and of course have the appropriate safety measures in place to ensure the safety and comfort of all. The safety of all on site is our prime consideration.”

To aid the onsite installation and inspections, we are also encouraging contractors to continue to utilise our simple-to-use Inspection App. Available from the Apple Store and Google Play platforms, the app provides a simple, easy-to-use process for recording the progress and quality of installation of our standard firestop, cavity barrier and acoustic barrier systems. It allows the user to effectively inspect, record and seamlessly audit the quality of the installation work. Importantly, this process highlights any issues in need of a resolution.

“Contractors can use the app on a standard smartphone or tablet device to capture the relevant information for the installation,” commented Thomas James. “It allows the user to easily update the data input fields, capture multiple photos for each area and/or element inspected and records the results of the audit. Photos document the installation and are embedded within the final report. This then allows our team the ability to assess the installation in accordance with recommendations and most importantly, identify areas that might not be in accordance with recommendations that would require remedial actions.”

At a time when the quality of construction is being closely monitored and working on site is subject to new guidance, the app – which has seen a considerable increase in downloads over the past few months – provides an effective way of minimising staff on site whilst providing an efficient way of inspecting, recording and auditing installations.

At this present time, we will also continue to offer Product Installation Training remotely via Microsoft Teams or the ZOOM platform.

Siderise site inspection service forms part of our extensive range of technical support services for our customers which also includes engineering evaluations, review of project specific details, project and system testing, project mock-ups, training, CPD and toolbox talks.

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