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Siderise is By Your Side

For 50 years, Siderise has served the construction industry through the production of high-performance fire safety, acoustic and insulation solutions. From the very beginning, our offering has been underpinned by a core value of integrity in all we do, quietly working alongside stakeholders to find the best solutions for their projects. In a changing world, where the construction industry is facing ever increasing pressures, both new and historical, we believe that operating with integrity is more important than ever, and that collaborative working is the way to meet the many challenges ahead. We are therefore proud to reaffirm our commitment to helping you create safer, more beautiful buildings, working with you every step of the way, and we call this commitment By Your Side.

What is By Your Side?

A building begins long before the foundations are laid, and its needs endure long after the last contractor has left site. Being By Your Side means we will continue to provide unrivalled technical expertise to support specifiers, contractors and building owners at every stage of the construction process and beyond. From bespoke design services to installation training, tea and technical talks for architects to our simple to use inspection app, we are constantly finding new ways to offer a helping hand, so your projects perform throughout their lifecycle.


Every building is unique, and we work collaboratively with you to gain clear insight into the specific needs of your project. By Your Side, we can use that insight to develop solutions that help you deal with problems, optimise performance and achieve your project vision.


We are dedicated to continuing our investment in research, development and testing, providing reassurance that our products will help you to meet regulatory demands and create a safer built environment. We bring all the skill of our experienced team and ingenuity of our technical solutions to make sure that every detail is looked after.


A business is only as good as the people working in it, and we believe we work with some of the best in the industry. By Your Side is something our whole team is excited about and engaged with, something that applies internally as well as externally, as we value the expertise, understanding and inspiration that our colleagues bring to the table.  

What comes next?

Being By Your Side means demonstrating these promises in practice. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing with you a more in-depth look at our By Your Side commitment in action. Exploring how insight, ingenuity and integrity run through our work at every level, we will be sharing a range of different content, including some new opportunities for training and education.


We look forward to continuing to build our legacy, By Your Side, and hope you will join us on this journey as we continue to build safer buildings together.