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Siderise Announces LSFA Membership

Siderise is delighted to announce its membership with the Light Steel Framing Association (LSFA).


Siderise supply and support technical fire products that work in conjunction with light steel frame (LSF) systems, either within the body of the LSF systems themselves, or more importantly its cavity barrier products are affixed to LSF as part of a façade system. With fire safety high on everyone’s agenda, the correct positioning, fixing and an understanding of how the two work in combination to produce a robust detail is to the benefit of the LSF provider, Siderise and the installer.


Commenting on the LSFA membership, Chris Hall, Director of External Affairs, said: “We interface with these products on a daily basis, both offering technical advice on our products in combination with LSF systems, and of course in practical applications on site.”


“Knowledge of the systems, their requirements and how they work, is important for Siderise to understand, and will ensure our products are complementary and not contradictory. We also have a considerable acoustic knowledge that is as yet untapped that we would wish to develop with the association membership,” continued Chris.


Established to influence legislation, regulation and to support the overall objectives and growth of the light steel frame sector, the LSFA raises the awareness of the performance and productivity benefits of steel framing systems.

“Joining the LSFA is a great opportunity to raise the profile of the company and show our commitment to this sector,” added Chris. “We’re looking forward to working closely with the association and its members.”