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Capitalising on India’s building boom

What might well be a possible game changer for the real estate industry, the successful delivery of this ambitious building programme, along with other commercial and infrastructure projects, will be hugely dependent on the effective functioning of the building and construction materials sector. 

Without building materials in larger quantities, and of better quality, along with a workforce with the right skills, India’s building boom will be beset with defects.

India is looking inwards at best practice and the adoption of standards from around the world that they can practically introduce to the benefit of Indian communities.  Suppliers, builders and investors from across the world are a vital part of India’s growth story.  Companies such as Siderise can, in some way, improve standards.

As a company, one of our targets is to actually be a stakeholder in the discussion towards new regulatory framework in India.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the construction industry in India is improving the quality of workmanship. In the absence of standards and because of the vast geographical scale of the country, historically it’s been very difficult to translate specifications onto building sites. 

Poor workmanship has led to a market seeking, simple-to-use and simple-to-install products. As a leading manufacturer of fire, acoustic and thermal insulation products, Siderise has a strong benefit that needs highlighting in terms of the relative simplicity of our offer. 

Global companies are investing in India in terms of their corporate as well as manufacturing presence. Many have struck deals with local businesses to enjoy greater distribution networks and help facilitate expansion into the Indian market. Through our new distributor Allarch, Siderise is able to focus on a global client base building high specification offices and multiple occupancy large buildings across India.

The next five years will likely usher in a massive number of construction projects – from apartment complexes to office buildings – all of which will require quality and long lasting products.  India is an important and expanding market which represents the next phase of expansion for Siderise.