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SilentWave sets new standards in marine engine noise management

In the first major innovation of its kind in 30 years, Siderise has launched SilentWave™ RCD - a ground-breaking acoustic treatment for marine engine rooms. SilentWave™ RCD delivers exceptional noise reduction for recreational craft with an industry-setting 4x improvement in the cabin environment for passengers and crew, making it one of the most significant developments of its kind in recent years.

All yacht builders want to do is maximise space, minimise weight and deliver maximum performance, including quiet operation, for their clients. Fully compliant with the Recreational Craft Directive, Siderise SilentWave™ RCD is the optimum sound reduction solution for recreational craft less than 34 metres. With an unmatched 4x reduction (6dB) in cabin sound pressure level, this lightweight composite treatment delivers comfort, security and protection to all passengers and crew.

Committed to continued research and development, Siderise went back to the drawing board to develop a new composite acoustic product that offers significantly improved absorption performance and would be aesthetically pleasing to this high-end marine market.

Graham Laws, Business Development Officer of Siderise said: “Modern motor yachts are built for performance, but power does come with a price. As engine performance increases so do sound levels, which can have a negative impact for crew and passengers on-board. Our new composite acoustic product can deliver the ultimate balance between acoustic performance, weight and cost.”

Easy to install, Siderise SilentWave™ RCD is moisture-resistant, non-flammable and features a high aesthetic finish. Tested for fire performance in accordance with ISO 4589-3 (Oxygen index >21% @elevated temperature), the composite prevents ingress of fuel and oil.

Siderise sets out to deliver engineered performance, keeping both large voids and mass to a minimum. The company’s innovative acoustic laminates can achieve previously unseen levels of acoustic attenuation at low frequency.

Siderise acoustic products have been developed over a number of years and third-party tested to certify their performance. Siderise has been providing noise control solutions throughout Europe within the industries of power generation, wind turbines, automotive, HVAC, rail and marine. Siderise technical experts can tailor the material performance directly to the controlling frequencies of your application.