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Siderise launches acoustic barrier for ducting

Siderise, global leader in the development, design and manufacture of fire, acoustic and thermal solutions has launched the Siderise DWX range, an innovative system for the wrapping of metal ducting systems.

The system offers both thermal insulation to maintain the efficiency of a heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems as well as acoustic enhancements to reduce sound transmission. Its high performance helps to promote comfort in the workplace through the creation of energy efficient and quiet HVAC systems.

Siderise DWX is a soft flexible quilt that offers exceptional performance. It provides excellent sound and thermal insulation qualities, is highly durable offering long term performance in use and offers Class 0 reaction to fire. Siderise retains compliance at the top of its agenda, and as such, Siderise DWX has been tested in an independent laboratory and is fully compliant with building regulations. Furthermore, the testing was carried out on the finished products, rather than relying on the performance of individual components before they are assembled.

Siderise DWX encompasses a range of solutions. DW5P and DW10P comprise a flexible resin-bonded glass fibre quilt that contains an anti-dusting fleece. DW5P has a 5kg/m2 surface weight whilst DW10P has a 10kg/m2 surface weight. DW5P/NPF and DW10P/NPF comprise a polyester / PP ultra-fine fibre spacing layer. All are wrapped with a polymeric acoustic membrane and diamond stitched. The exposed surface is finished with a Class 0 reinforced aluminium foil.

The range is designed for HVAC systems as an external cladding for sheet metal ducts. However it can also be used for a range of other applications including construction, marine, automotive and OEM, where it can be used on ventilation equipment, concrete columns, generators, compressors, process plant and electrical equipment where there is a need to reduce airborne noise.The typical level of improvement of sound transmission loss through the installation of Siderise DWX is 18dB, based on a single layer application on a 0.8mm steel duct. Specific sound transmission loss is dependent upon a number of factors and Siderise's technical team are able to work closely with clients to provide solutions that meet their exact requirements. As well as its acoustic properties and good damping characteristics, Siderise DWX also provides thermal efficiency, helping to reduce energy loss.

Flexible and easy to install, Siderise DWX can be installed with mechanical fixings such as insulation support pins with non-return washers.