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Set to showcase an exciting range of products at this year’s Zak Windows and Doors Expo is leading manufacturer of firestop and acoustic barrier insulation systems SIDERISE.

Set to showcase an exciting range of products at this year’s Zak Windows and Doors Expo is leading manufacturer of firestop and acoustic barrier insulation systems SIDERISE. This leading marketplace for windows and facades in the Indian subcontinent is taking place in New Delhi from the 9th-11th December with Siderise gearing up for a busy show.

Held at the Pragati Maidan exhibition centre, this 13th annual trade show in the heart of India’s capital will host more than 200 exhibitors and bring together architects, contractors, developers, façade consultants and fabricators from across the Indian subcontinent to source local and international products, network with like-minded peers and learn from experts.

Representatives from SIDERISE and its distribution partner, Northern Lights Architectural, will be available on Stand D6B10 to engage with customers old and new and answer queries about the company’s innovative and industry- leading firestop and cavity barrier systems.

Commenting on the three-day event, Chris Hall, Commercial Development Officer at SIDERISE said: “We are looking forward to participating once again at this year’s expo, the biggest event on the fenestration calendar in India. It’s a great opportunity to raise the profile of the company and show its commitment to India and this maturing region.”

“The curtain wall industry in India is in an emerging state when it comes to technology and our fire-stopping and noise control insulation solutions for facades fit well within this,” added Chris.

Joining Chris Hall at the event will be Sreenivas Narayanan, Sales and Business Development Officer at SIDERISE for the Middle East and India.

For more information, and to register for the event, visit Zak Doors and Windows Expo 2016

For further information about SIDERISE or for technical advice email the or call 01656 730833

Mike Carrick AMIOA, Head of Acoustics at Siderise Group, provides some sound advice on acoustic design and offers up proven ways to deal with common sound path problems.

The product of choice for many of the world’s leading architects, curtain wall systems have been increasingly specified across both the commercial and residential sectors in the UK.  A barrier to the elements, curtain walls give design creativity and are a happy marriage between metal framing and gleaming glass.  While they provide a cost-effective way to clad and glaze buildings and offer a wealth of benefits to building occupants, it’s vitally important that specifiers take into consideration the role of acoustics in curtain wall buildings.  Mike Carrick AMIOA, Head of Acoustics at Siderise Group, provides some sound advice on acoustic design and offers up proven ways to deal with common sound path problems.

The rise of modern lightweight construction, with walls that literally hang like curtains, has led to sound transmission issues and presented a number of issues when it comes to acoustics. This complex issue is not helped by specialist criteria and jargon which is often designed to baffle, when in fact it is not difficult to understand.

Weak point

Very careful consideration should be given to any potential weak point to ensure it does not become the ‘limiting factor’ in the overall sound transmission performance of a curtain wall building. The curtain wall, together with the movement joint, should all be considered as potential weak points and thoroughly assessed accordingly.

Whatever the building type, whether it be an office, hotel, school or apartment building, the client requires a sustainable structure that is fully robust and compliant to all building regulations and design criteria.

dB or not dB

When considering the transmission of airborne sound energy the applicable criteria (regulatory or otherwise), will usually be in decibels 'dB' in one of the following forms:-

A DnT,w is a final site-measured value and will be controlled by both the ‘Rw’ value of the floor slab or partition (direct sound transmission) and the Dnf,w value of the façade (flanking sound transmission).

An Rw value is a laboratory test value for a component or construction, such as a concrete floor slab, partition, window, door etc.

A Dnf,w value is a laboratory test value for a system, such as a curtain wall system, raised access floor or suspended ceiling system.

What’s critical is to understand the important and significant differences between these in order to validate or otherwise prove potential compliance. In general, site measured values cannot match those recorded in a sound laboratory. The difference will vary, depending on the method of test and actual performance levels, but a guide of 5-10dB minimum practical difference is commonly quoted.

Sound flanking

The Dnf,w value is a total flanking sound transmission of the façade system. It does, however, comprise a number of individual sound transmission paths with the five main path elements being the glazing element; the transoms; the structural element of the mullion; the hollow of the mullion; and the movement zone.

A number of factors directly affect the overall performance, including the span between the mullions and transom, the stiffness, number of façade brackets, type of glass, glass orientation, twin or single mullion or transom designs and importantly, the use of façade acoustic enhancement products.

The overall performance is a combination of all these path elements and can only be established by full façade testing in an accredited laboratory, which can be time consuming and very expensive. It is possible for a project noise consultant to look at specific project details at the slab edge, compare the design with known library data and assess the possible overall performance. However, this would not necessarily offer any guarantee of compliance.

When assessing any design, it is important to understand that the overall performance would be wholly controlled by the weakest path element, referred to as the ‘Performance Limiting Factor’ and therefore any design change or acoustic enhancement should only be considered if all other path elements are capable of meeting the same value or are being upgraded to meet the value.

Soundtight facades

SIDERISE offers a large range of tried and tested product enhancements specifically developed for the façade industry. Designed to reduce vertical and horizontal sound transmission in curtain wall buildings, this range includes a choice of effective and proven sound reduction solutions that deal with all common sound path problems and are frequently used to assist in reducing flanking transmission between adjacent internal areas.

Acoustic comfort in the built environment has become a concern to society and a challenge to designers. It is all too common when considering the specification of the seal between the slab edge and the facade, for product selection to be based exclusively in terms of compliance to the relevant fire regulations. For façade engineers, architects and their clients, it is essential that due consideration is given to both the acoustic implications and performance of the closure arrangement, ensuring any potential weak point in curtain walled buildings is controlled. The use of performance enhancing products will mitigate against these issues.

For further information about SIDERISE or for specific technical advice contact our .

The year may be drawing to a close but the SIDERISE team is as busy as ever. This month the team is headed to Kolkata to present and exhibit at the Zak World of Facades India event.

The year may be drawing to a close but the SIDERISE team is as busy as ever. This month the team is headed to Kolkata to exhibit at the Zak World of Facades India event.

Sreenivas Narayanan, the new Sales and Business Development Officer for the Middle East and India, will be presenting at the event on 'Point fixed hardware - The selection process'. His presentation will focus on:

  1. The importance of slab edge perimeter fire barrier for curtain wall

  2. Fire performance – Insulation and Integrity


  4. The importance of installation and compliance

  5. Understanding façade acoustics

  6. Siderise solutions for façade acoustics

Visitors to the event will also have the opportunity to explore a range of products including SIDERISE CW-FS Perimeter Barriers and Firestops for Curtain Walling  and Open State Cavity Barriers used in rainscreen cladding applications. A variety of innovative acoustic solutions for facades will also be showcased including SIDERISE Mullion and Transom inserts.

As always the SIDERISE Facades team will be on hand and happy to discuss projects that you are involved in and passive fire protection and noise control systems that your projects may require.

Now in its 25th edition, Zak World of Facades is an International conference series on the subject of façade design & engineering. The conference will take place on Friday 18 November at the ITC Sonar hotel.

To register and find out more about the event visit www.facades.ind.in

If you are unable to attend this event you will have the opportunity to meet the team at the Zak Doors and Windows exhibition in New Delhi which takes place in December.


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