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Find out more about the SIDERISE ceiling void barrier range - A new brochure is available for download from our website.

SIDERISE has developed a range of products for its Interiors sector that includes high-performance acoustic barriers for use in ceiling voids. SIDERISE acoustic insulation systems have been designed to help resolve the issue of ‘Cross-Talk’ whilst offering exceptional room-to-room sound reduction. The range includes acoustic void barriers for suspended ceilings, acoustic void closures for tops of walls, and cavity barriers and fire stops for suspended ceilings and profiled decks.

Details of these products, along with a comparison of their acoustic and fire performance are available in a new brochure ‘SIDERISE Ceiling Void Barriers’. The brochure is available for download from our website.

For additional free technical advice, and support in selecting the product that’s right for your project, contact a member of our Interiors technical team who are always happy to help.

SIDERISE Ceiling Void Barriers Brochure - acoustic insulation, firesafe insulation

Consideration of Façade Acoustics - a report on the 7th Annual Façade Design & Engineering Conference, Qatar

The Middle East and in particular the Gulf States continue to be a hotbed of construction activity. The fall in the oil price has done little to dampen the enthusiasm of investors to invest money into ever taller, wider and more elaborately designed buildings. However, as beneficial as this boom is to the construction industry worldwide, it has to be conceded that not all the developments have been aesthetically sympathetic to their environment or the cultural heritage of the Arab states.

This was a major point of discussion at the recent 7th Annual Façade Design & Engineering Conference held in the Qatari capitol of Doha. Qatar was an apt setting for the conference with Doha itself having more than 40 towers taller than 100m and with the World Cup due to be played in country in 2022 the number of tall towers is set to increase dramatically. A discussion chaired by Eng. Ahmad Jassim Al Jolo of the Qatar Society of Engineers concluded that future developments should try to take more account of the ethnicity and history of the region.

Whether a building’s facade is constructed in shiny glass, traditional stone or burnished copper makes little difference to the occupants once they are at their desks or in their beds. For an office or a residential tower a primary focus is on the comfort of the inhabitants. In recent years it has become widely accepted that one of the major factors in determining comfort is the ability of the fabric of the building to either absorb or reflect noise. Acoustics are a particularly sensitive issue in curtain wall construction due to the hollow aluminium components acting as a conduit for sound waves.

Andrew Kay, the Global Façades Manager for SIDERISE, presented the paper “Consideration of Façade Acoustics”. The presentation considered the perspectives of different project stakeholders; an architect, for example, will want the building’s exterior to make a statement. This may be achieved by designing a wall of glass with clean glazing lines and minimal visuals behind the façade. Whilst aesthetically pleasing, a design like this can create acoustical issues since the best way to reduce sound transference is to introduce mass. The elements that comprise this mass can compromise the visual appeal of the façade.

Whilst many would like to live or work in an attractive building, other factors such as comfort and privacy play a major role in determining an occupant’s happiness in their environment. In the UK, local authorities receive more complaints about noise than any other issue.

The presentation also looked at the various sound transmission paths from ‘room to room’ and ‘floor to floor’ and demonstrated how relatively minor design changes could give major gains in acoustic performance. This was evidenced in a series of case studies, notably 1 Hyde Park, one of London’s most prestigious addresses where the innovative design of the mullions and transoms posed significant problems in meeting a high acoustic specification. SIDERISE developed a product specifically for this application that is only 31mm thick with an acoustic performance of 46dB Rw. This is equivalent to a 100mm partition wall.

The Olympic Village constructed in East London for the 2012 Games, which unsurprisingly had a high acoustic specification, is another example. With athletes from different countries potentially in adjacent rooms, privacy was deemed to be paramount. SIDERISE was the only company that could offer a viable solution acceptable to all three acoustic consultancies involved in the project.

SIDERISE prides itself on its ability to assist designers, contractors and building owners with solutions for both acoustic and passive fire applications. A team of qualified acousticians and fire engineers are available from conception stage through to commissioning of the building.

To receive a copy of the conference presentation ‘Consideration of façade acoustics: How to improve performance & quality by design’, a copy of the technical paper ‘Horizontal treatment of the slab edge in curtain wall buildings’, or for further information please contact our


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