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At the recent Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) Awards, the project One Hyde Park was highly commended by judges in relation to sound insulation. SIDERISE was very proud to be a part of this project.

In June, the prestigious One Hyde Park project, based in the heart of London, was highly commended by the judges at the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) Awards. One Hyde Park is a luxurious residential development in Knightsbridge that consists of four separate pavilions of varying height. These comprise 82 apartments and four penthouses designed to cater to the high-end residential sector. The scale and purpose of this project has meant that it has set new standards throughout the industry.

Acoustic performance and suitable sound insulation had proved particularly challenging due to the nature of the project, the bespoke design of individual dwellings and client expectations. SIDERISE was asked by Clarke Saunders Associates, the noise consultants for the project, to provide a solution that would prevent the performance of internal walls being compromised by the complexity of the interface with the façade.

The complex design consisted of narrow glazing mullion sections canted at various angles, and a profile that included different sectional elements at floor and ceiling interfaces.  The solution would need to close the detail efficiently, while remaining aesthetically consistent with the architectural and interior designs. 

To solve the sound issue SIDERISE offered SIDERISE FIP high performance acoustic panel, a product comprising of four primary layers in composite form offering a combination of stiffness and damping within a high mass panel with a nominal thickness of only 31mm. When tested in April 2011 the results far exceeded expectations for a thin, single homogenous panel, normally limited to 30-35dB, achieving 46dB Rw proving that the FIP panel was in a class of its own.

Clarke Saunders Associates had set out to achieve a performance greater than 40dB RW and were extremely pleased with the result that SIDERISE FIP had provided.

“The result of 46dB Rw for the SIDERISE FIP High Performance Acoustic Panel doesn’t quite defy the laws of physics, but it’s a very impressive outcome, and a very useful product.” – Ed Clarke, Clarke Saunders Associates

You can find out more about the project in our One Hyde Park case study.

The acoustics industry along with associated building regulations, such as Approved Document E and BB93, brings practitioners a host of complex terminology.

With increasing focus on acoustic requirements within the built environment, along with the need to meet stringent building regulations such as Building Regulations Approved Document E (ADE), BB93, it is essential for practitioners to gain a better understanding of associated acoustics terms. Our Jargon Buster, created by our technical experts, will help you to gain an understanding of the more common terms. for your free copy.


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