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Robust and timeless, masonry facades are popular worldwide. However, with stricter regulations around fire and building safety, there is a clear need for passive fire solutions that have been specifically engineered and tested for these constructions. Our new range of masonry products allows you to meet the fire safety requirements of your project simply, without making compromises.

Why is passive fire protection vital for masonry facades?

Whilst simple from the outside, masonry facades can be complex constructions with unusual design features which require careful attention when considering fire safety. This is why we are putting our passive fire protection expertise into masonry.

Product Spotlight: Siderise CT System

A system of simple-to-install cavity barriers and firestops designed to seal off cavities within external masonry facades and provide an effective and compliant fire, acoustic and thermal barrier.

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Product Spotlight: Siderise EWI System

Designed for inconsistent cavity depths, such as those created by protruding brickwork, these enhanced cavity barriers and firestops contain integral intumescent material which expands when exposed to high heat.

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Product Spotlight: Siderise BB-CB Balcony Bracket

Created to solve the historic issues surrounding the fire protection of balconies, this kit of barriers is made-to-order, ensuring it protects your structure, whatever your design.

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