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Explore the products available within RH/RV Open State Cavity Barrier Systems

RH Horizontal Cavity Barrier
RV Vertical Cavity Barrier
CH Horizontal Cavity Barrier
OSCI Open State Cassette Insert
BB-FB Balcony Bracket Fireboard

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Go Beyond your current understanding of passive fire protection and acoustics in our built environment

Curtain walls and firestops
Making Noise (Part 1)
Coming soon: Curtain walls and acoustics (Part 2)
Coming soon: Dry-fix smoke seal systems
Coming soon: Protecting the spandrel
Coming soon: UK masonry construction – fire and thermal
Coming soon: ASTM E2307 vs EN 1364-4
Coming soon: Brickslip systems and compartmentation
Coming soon: Cavities, roofs and passive fire protection
Coming soon: Passive fire protection in modular construction
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Siderise is a market leader in the design and development of specialist passive fire

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Yes, our site services engineers combine classroom learning with toolbox training and includes mock-up benchmark installations, free-of-charge. Learn more about how we can support you

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