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Modern performance motoryachts are creations of beauty and power, however, constrained space, lightweight materials and high levels of low frequency sound power create a highly challenging acoustic environment.

The engine creates high levels of sound energy which are transmitted into the GRP shell and become trapped in a confined space. With only light weight structures to insulate the occupants from this noise, it can quickly detract from the yachting experience.

At SIDERISE we understand that yacht designers are looking to maximise space, minimise weight and deliver maximum performance for their clients. We therefore set out to deliver engineered performance working in harmony with your naval architects and designers to ensure that our insulation solutions compliment the design objectives of the vessel.

Additionally through our extensive experience in passive fire protection in the construction sector we have developed advanced fire breaks for bulkheads and decks.

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SIDERISE Marine Noise Control - Motoryachts

Marine product range

Noise Control for Marine Craft

SIDERISE has over 40 years' experience in acoustics and noise control which, when combined with extensive research and development, means that we can deliver engineered solutions to meet the unique challenges of the marine environment. Read more

Fire Protection for Marine Craft

Delivering remarkable thermal performance and industry leading fire protection to GRP motoryachts. Read more

Seals & Gaskets

A specialist range of air, dust, noise and moisture seals and gaskets for a variety of applications. Read more


A variety of ancillaries form part of the SIDERISE insulation range and are available to order. Read more


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