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Product Tests and Approvals

SIDERISE is committed to product and system testing. Through a long-standing policy of being absolutely clear over the performance and technical attributes of our products, our datasheets reflect tested performance. Specifiers and end-users can be confident of the tested performance with reference to the following extract Test Reports and/or Third-Party Certification listings.

SIDERISE believes that Third-Party Certification is essential as it ensures that the specifier and end user is provided with a tested, audited and repeatable product or system solution.

Further information will be added to the website in the coming weeks as updated product test reports and third-party Approvals become available. In the meantime, if you require any information on products not listed, please contact us.

Please see extract test reports related to cavity barriers for ventilated facades (rainscreens).

Product Test Reports

Product Integrity [E] Insulation [I] Classification [EI] Void (mm) Air Gap Test Report Specimen
RH25-120/60 120 60 60 <48 25 328279-A D
RH25-090/30 90 30 30 <425 25 391110 A
RH25-090/60 90 60 60 <300 25 328279-A B
RH25-060/60 60 60 60 <425 25 397879 C
RH25-120/60 120 60 60 <425 25 389381-2 A
RH50-30/30 30 30 30 <300 50 F14007 A
RH50-60/60 60 60 60 <300 50 382938 D
RV-090/30 90 30 30 <450


398827 B
RV-090/60 90 60 60 <300


389382 B
RV-120/120 120 120 120 <450


398827 A


Product Approvals

Product Body   Certificate Link
CW Certifire 3rd Party Certification CF 563 CF 563
EW Certifire 3rd Party Certification CF 5727 CF 5727
RH & RV EWCL5 3rd Party Certification ME 5101 ME 5101
LGS Certifire 3rd Party Certification CF 5386 CF 5386


Please note: Extract Test Reports are included, where available, with redacted information as the full Test Reports contain proprietary details which are commercially sensitive to SIDERISE. (Permission requested for use of Extract Test Reports.)

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